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This is also cross-posted in the Book Rack but there is very little traffic in there compared to Tech Talk, plus it's technology oriented so perhaps I'll get a better response here...

I'm tired of not knowing what's in my collection so I'd like to gather all the info into one spot. In beginning to research this there are a number of different software packages out there and most of them seem to do pretty much the same thing; you input the ISBN and it gathers the book data, author data, sometimes the cover art, etc and puts it into the program for you. Because of the size of my collection I'd need to use a bar code scanner to input the ISBNs and most of these packages are set up to do this.

But I have not been able to find any independent reviews of the different packages to help me determine which way to go with this.

It looks like I can spend a low of about $35 to close to $200 depending upon what I want to catalog.

Is there anyone out there that is already using this type of software or can recommend anything?
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