Bombers, fighters, JDAMs, oh my!

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    Greg Easterbrook on Slate has a column lamenting that the U.S. does not have enough B-52 and B-2 bombers and no budget for developing or building any more bombers even though the JDAM makes bombers as accurate and safer for precision close air support as fighters.

    Greg Easterbrook is an idiot.

    Here's why:
    As you know, the next frontier of combat aircraft is going to be the UCAV. As you know, the Predator has already successfullylaunched a Hellfire missile at a moving point target.

    We already have the ability to build thousands of Predators rapidly if we need to, to build millions of JDAM packs if we need to, to train thousands of pilots if we need to.

    The only thing we need is a way to protect the satellites against a first strike blinding attack. The point is, a first strike blinding attack against satellites would disable our manned bombers as well as our unmanned platforms. There's no point in having hundreds or thousands of billions of dollars each bombers sitting useless in Kansas when you could have millions of thousands of dollars each of remotely piloted craft which could be quickly reconfigured as a flying communication relay network/ bomber fleet in the event of a first strike blinding attack against satellites.

    So, is the gummint working to develop a Predator or Global Hawk-transportable package of receive-retransmit redundant communications resources to make us immune to a first-strike satellite blinding attack?
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    When I started in the USAF in the mid 80's we had something like 350 B52's in inventory. Somewhere less than 100 B 1's depending on how many B1's crashed that week. Now we are down to around 90 B 52's. And about 90 or so B 1's (not sure about B 2's) We have cut our forces both equipment and people way to low. We were told by our great leaders with these cutbacks we would still be able to fight two fronts at once. technology isn't that great just yet. With the heavy usage on the National Guard and reserve forces for this low intensity conflict. I'm pretty sure two fronts is out of the question now. But what do I know I was jsut an enlisted schmuck for 21 years.

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    Yes he is. He's also wrong. USAF is developing a replacement for the B-1/B-2 right now. Should have a design finalized in about 3 years.

    He's also wrong about the numbers of bombers we do have. He isn't a military policy or analysis specialist and is talking out of his ass.

    He doesn't quite get that carpet bombing with BUFFs went out with Vietnam. We do it differently now, in some ways better, in some ways not.