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Bolt Force is on patrol in AZ....

  1. Why does he have zombie eyes?
  2. Do you not know? Low speed, high drag(wait, that's not right).lol
  3. Looks like those fake eye contacts. If he's that goofy, get them off the streets now.
  5. Thumbs up! We got this!


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  6. Wow. What a bunch of dorks. Did you see some of those videos on their little website? I'm glad our local goofballs stick to gun shows and drinking pitchers in pool halls.
  7. And "Bolt Force".....really?
  8. Do you even bolt force bro
  9. Do you even operate?

  10. Check out their FB page. Someone actually went to an embroider and had "Bolt Force" put on patches. Can you imagine how that conversation went down...you know when they were trying to come up with a name and discuss a logo?
  11. Mr. Cool's eyes up close, from FB.

  12. There is some good entertainment in this one.
  13. :brickwall::brickwall:
  14. They'd better hope they don't come across my posse. We call ourselves Blade Force.

    "No one ever sees us coming. Or going."
  15. Sweet baby Jesus it's even weirder than i thought after seein his eyes lol

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  16. Do you think he actually paid money for those?
  17. What are they going to do if they witness a crime? I'm sure the local guys don't want that kind of help.
  18. ok, saw this on cop talk earlier.
    no, just no. my brain will not accept this as fact
    this really must just be an excellent troll.
    what are these idiots going to do when they provoke a violent encounter, and in turn, kill someone? not self defense, not LEO, PRISON.
    probably better off there, god damn.
    I stil am leaning towards 100% fake, just so I can sleep tonight.
  19. Nope it's real the whackerness from this group is off the chart.
    The bolt eye guy also had the voice of a little girl check out the news videos for some laffs
  20. What a bunch of dorks.
  21. Operators operating operationally.
  22. One of the cool things about the internet is it amazingly easy and quick to find half a dozen guys who also have some rust or corrosion on the slide of their fairly new G43. Of course it can also make it (quite ) a bit easier to find half a dozen guys who react favorably when you suggest "Hey - Let's go grab some gear and go out patrollin' on our own, together."
  23. Reminds me of mma fighter phoenix jones and his super hero crew. Except they usually whooped ass that needed it.

  24. They see me rollin...

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  25. Double face palm. Please be fake.
  26. Same eyes as the heroin/opiate zombies we have stumbling around my city.
  27. He may not be a homosexual, but his boyfriend is.

    If he's not a homosexual, he missed the best opportunity he ever had in life.
  28. this cant be real . :animlol::animlol::animlol::animlol:
  29. I saw this earlier on another site. I had a "are you farking kidding me" reaction....then I thought about it and I am surprised crap like this is not all over the place. These are top level whackers.

    While I know the answer(s) considering you can actually be a real cop, doing real cop crap, a few days a month, you would think people would want that. Of course that would mean you would have to make the cut to be a real cop and actually make it to the streets and then on the streets. It is a lot easier to dress up and give yourself a *cool* name.
  30. Well since no one has said it yet in this thread; it falls to me. enhanced-buzz-6967-1328631274-58.jpg
  31. They need to change their name to NUT FORCE!
  32. Now that the sniper has been caught, they'll have to go back to tactically hassling winos and watching reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter at their stronghold's command center.
  33. Unbelievable. tom. :holysheep:
  34. Stop talking about the good people of the Okie Corral that way.
  35. Problem with being a reserve is you have to pass a psych eval. I am betting more than one member of bolt force joined because their rice crispies told them to.
  36. That is just entirely too strange. I mean bat-guano crazy strange.
  37. Not unlike the so called "Sheepdogs". Maybe Bolt Force and Sheepdog types are just well meaning but misguided folks who want to help, but have trouble finding a way to. But when they make videos like on that website, it makes my skin crawl. The Sheepdogs just made a bunch of T-Shirts, Bolt Force is making videos. I actually feel sorry for them.
  38. I'm down with the concept of an armed 'Guardian Angles' thing, but this guy needs a hobby.

    Oh. Wait. Wacker is a hobby!
  39. Looks to me like an attempt to get a reality tv show.
  40. I wonder if Readthenikes is roll'in with'em. That dude was badass...........
  41. I have it on good authority that these "F'n morons" got the wrong guy.
  42. He may have been a little bad, but he was not as bad ass as Twoblackbelts.
  43. :rofl: :animlol: :laughabove:

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  44. I think this has got to be a pitch for an attempt at a reality show.

    BTW, what's their Glock Talk screen names?
  45. Sometimes it seems that thorazine really is not prescribed nearly enough.
  46. Oh my... .how on earth did I miss this? I kept seeing "Bolt Force" references in a couple other threads regarding the I-10 shooter... so naturally I look for TBO's posts, and find this.

    It was hard to get through this w/o laughing so hard I soiled myself.

    Maybe if they need some backup they can call Phoenix Jones.
  47. "Why does hi have zombie eyes"? Wait for it.....Wait for it.... Que music..
    "Cause hes got hungry eyes, I got a feeling he cant describe" , "for these hungry eyes".... "I look at you and i cant deny for these zombie eyes"...... Hahahah OMG. I freakin kill me!

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  48. Well.. they got kicked out of the Malls, and the Desert South of Tucson is dark and spooky at night.. so they gotta go somewhere..