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BM 705BW & SMF-CC..Beauty and the Beast

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by DallasSTB, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. DallasSTB


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    Mar 10, 2010
    Raised in Louisiana, aged in Texas
    Good morning everyone. I've been visiting these boards for awhile but never posting anything until now. Please be kind. I’ve got an interesting pair for sale or trade. Beauty and the Beast are appropriate I think.

    Beauty first…

    - Benchmade 705BW limited edition #144 of 200. Very nice discontinued, collectable folder. Axis lock, PE Satin D2 Steel blade (LE only), Bubinga wood inlays. Carried a few times so some there are a couple of very minor scuffs on the clip. I have a new, generic clip I can include if wanted. Comes with Box and bag. - $175 Trade value / $150 straight up purchase.



    Now the Beast…

    - Strider SMF-CC, 6th Gen, S30V blade with original grind, black G10 scale, stonewashed Ti & stonewashed blade (my favorites), drop point, FFG, carried very, very little, just enough to feel the heft. Rock solid lockup (unlike others I’ve felt). Really an awesome knife, but I’m looking for something more pocket friendly. This one only has a tactical zip-lock baggie if you want it. $525 Trade value / $475 straight up purchase




    Prices include USPS shipping and PP gift option or USPS MO. PP Credit Card is +3%.

    The only trades I’m really interested in are CR folders, or possibly Hinderer’s stuff. $’s can be adjusted as needed to achieve fair value.

    Thank you all.