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Blue Label Direct From Glock

  1. I got my GSSF coupon coming and I know exactly what I want. Where I live the blue label dealers are quite a ways away. I was thinking of ordering my BL direct from Glock. Just curious if anyone here has done it, how the process went, and how long the wait was. Thanks!
  2. glockmeister near me won't ship blue label.

    from website:
  3. Ok, great, but I’m not asking about Glockmeister. I’m asking about from Glock direct in Smyrna, aka The Mothership.
  4. Yes I have but it took several weeks for delivery. Glock shipped it to my local gun shop. Much quicker to get one from a blue label dealer like GT Distributors who will ship it to your local FFL.
  5. Hey Minnesota, come move to Atlanta.

    We have 3 Blue Label Distributers close by and the Mothership is right here.

    Several Minnesotans live here too when Delta and Northwest merged.

    The weather is a little nicer during the winter months too
  6. I wasn't aware that was an option. I've always been under the impression that it had to be "in-stock" from a BL dealer (they could order it for it to be "in-stock"). There's only one model left that I really want that I think would be easier to order direct. I'd be curious to know if it would work for the veteran program that is currently running, too. Would you mind finding out if you call them or whatever you're planning to do?
  7. Ordered my 10MM from the factory since our local Blue Label dealer didn't carry the G40. Sent my order form and check in mid June received gun last week of September. Check was cashed in June and just had to wait until my serial number was manufactured. Local dealer handled transfer and everything was smooth other than the wait.
  8. Sounds like you already have your answer. It's not hard to do but GLOCK is straight forward is saying there'll be a wait. They specifically say it could take up to six months for you to receive it but from what I've seen it's normally closer to three months.

    Also remember, even if you find a dealer close by there's no guarantee you'll get a good deal on it. The stores close to me don't knock much off the price at all. When I buy one I have to go to a store that's almost two hours away but they always offer it at the lowest price possible. I just picked up a Gen5 19 last week and it was only $398.00, I'll make the four hour round trip anytime for that type of deal!
  9. So, what's the process for doing this? I'm also guessing that, since you are paying Glock directly, they will ship to any FFL and not just BL dealers for transfer?
  10. I got my Blue delivered straight from Austria to my door in Texas.

    But that was because of a major Glock induced screw up.

  11. WOW... a clear violation of Federal law.

    Things like that could cost them dearly.
  12. Merica that’s how it should be done

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  13. I didn't think Glock would honor GSSF coupons or Veteran status for a special order direct. Of course I was wrong once before.
  14. I've done it. Paid Glock an paid my FFL his $30 transfer fee. Still was cheaper then driving 12 hours for the two trips to the Blue Label FFL. People that can walk out the FFL the same day have it made.

    Ask your dealer what his transfer fee is first. Some dealers don't know about the BL program. They might want to join.

    Good luck!
  15. I did it once many years ago when I purchased my G23 which was unfortunately out of stock everywhere. Glock sent it to the blue label dealer where I picked it up. I had no idea I could have it sent to my home. Live and learn.... :dunno:
  16. Wut?

  17. By your words.

    The weapon was imported straight from Austria, directly to your home in Texas.

    Apparently it was never "booked" into an importer or an FFL.

    You make no mention of executing a 4473, or what dealer woud keep the required copy.

    How about a NICS check?

    This all adds up to ILLEGAL.

    If "Johnny Jihad" orders a weapon from another country, do you think it legally show up on his doorstep?

    Yet that is what you just described.
  18. Youz just mad cuz you have to do background checks lol

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