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Blue Angels...

  1. One thing on my bucket list has been to see them, that happened today as they were in town, I'm no plane junkie. I've rode shotgun and tried my hand under guidance with little personal Cessna and Cherokee tin cans. Can you say... BORING!!

    A fly by with one of those war machines has always got the blood pumping though. Today ranked really high in the badass factor of stuff I've seen/attended. The feel, the sound, standing on a bridge feeling it shake as they buzzed by. Watching Fat Albert cruise along and seeing that fat pig cruise up doing a 45 degree angle.

    Watching them in formation like they are on rails is wild! The head on from my angle looked like they were going to crash. It's been a few years or more since they've been to KC. If they come back next year I know where I'll be that weekend.

  2. I like the Blue Angels far better than the Thunderbirds, maybe because I've flown with a former Blue Angel pilot (sadly a Marine) and have one friend who flew with the Angels and another who did their PA.
  3. Few things are cooler than the Blue Angels.
  4. Why say sadly a marine?
  5. Every year I hear them. They come here late summer every year. Or maybe they're stationed here, I'm not sure. But my whole life I've always heard how cool the shows where. Maybe someday...

  6. Just do it, doubt you will be disappointed.
  7. Now that I have a son I definitely will. Thanks.
  8. Interservice rivalry. I actually like Marines (don't tell!). I had an inter-service assignment with the Marines and was a direct report to Gen. Richard Hearney, a name that will mean something to Marines. Here's a pic of the guy because I think he represents the archetypical Marine and could be on a Marine recruiting poster. Oorah.


  9. I guess it's like the Ford/Chevy guy thing. I've never been in the military, I have/had thought about it but couldn't ever give up my freedom and having somebody telling me what to do/ where to live.

    More power to you guys.
  10. I have seen the Angels a couple times and they are spectacular, I have seen the Thunderbirds far more and I can't say that I think either team is more special then the other but since I don't get to see the Angels as often it seems to be more special.

    I get to see the Thunderbirds every year at the Air Force Academy, you can't go from Denver to Colorado Springs when they are flying, it stops the Interstate and all roads North/South for an hour every year, and nobody cares a bit, what a great show!
  11. Well the thunderbirds is a new idea to me, I've always heard Blue Angels! Not putting them down just saying.

    Either way more power to them. Today I felt like my tax money was going to a good cause for once. If you want to burn money, at least give me some real life entertainment.
  12. I saw the Blue Angels during the F-4 days. Wow!

  13. Was that the air show at Wheeler downtown airport in KC ?
  14. They put on a good show for sure!
  15. They are based out of Pensacola and often train off Fort Morgan, out in the Gulf. I've seen them practice many times, nothing like watching them screaming along about a hundred feet off the water in formation, kicking up a rooster tail, then go straight up in a starburst. Amazing.

    They have some kind of spotter, either an AWACS or whatever has replaced it, that I assume spots for vessels.
  16. I saw the Blue Angels first and I thought they were better than the Thunderbirds as well. Not that the Thunderbirds were bad. Hell, maybe it was the extra engine making more noise that made them more impressive.
  17. Might could be that the Blue Angels pilot one of the most awesomenest aircraft ever built in the history of mankind, nay, in the entire Universe. :supergrin: :whistling:

    Both the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels exhibition teams do a remarkable job. Seeing F-16s or F/A-18s pass before you might even get the chil'run's noses out of their danged phones for a minute or two.
  18. We were at Ft. Morgan a couple of years ago and watched them practice for about 2 or 3 days in a row. Then last year we saw them practice before a show in San Francisco. I have never seen a show that they have done, but just watching them practice lets me know that I NEED to see a show one of these days!
  19. Yep it was,,,,,I did not go to the show but watched their practice sessions while I was in the downtown area,,,,impressive to say the least.
  20. WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT !! ... :fred: ... :tongueout: ... :tbo:

    Got that right !
    The Thunderbirds do a better 'bang up' show ...
    The Blue Angels do a more graceful show ...

    The 'factory's pilots do the best demo of the awesomest characteristics of the F-16 .... :supergrin: ... :poke:
  21. ....it can't be to awesome as it lost the lightweight fighter competition (to the aircraft the Thunderbirds fly)
  22. Hey ! That's the kinda pickin' on Tous that I do .... :supergrin:
  23. Most October's for as long as I can remember the Blue Angels come to San Francisco for their Fleet Week celebration.

    They fly their routine over the Bay which is some amazing combination of majestic skill and geographic backdrop.

    For years I would go up on the roof where I have an unobstructed view of the routine. It seems in recent years they have raised the floor over the populated areas. For many years they would fly so low over my house, I could see right into the cockpit. Now the passes over the house are quite a bit higher.

    In the last few years, my oldest dog has become really sensitive to loud noises and she becomes apoplectic when they are screaming by, so I either drive up north to some wetlands near Novato or down toward Mountain View for the same. The other dogs don't seem to mind missing the show and really seem to like the hike along the dikes.

    Although it seems to have ebbed with the terming out of some of the most wacked out supervisors. Fleet Weeks usually means some public debate about the appropriateness of a jingoistic show of military might for the San Francisco residents. One of the most outspoken critics in the past, a County Supervisor named Chris Daly (termed out now), moved out of the city to Fairfield CA after he lost his gig with the SEIU. He moved to Fairfield because his family has rental property there, seems the rent control laws he was an ardent supporter of here in the city, didn't fit with his investment goals. I suppose hypocrite really isn't a political term..
  24. Skroo Dem, & the horse they rode in on .... :frown:
  25. Well here, that would mean a lot of skrooing.... not that there is anything wrong with that. :)
  26. :animlol: ... :rofl:
  27. The first airshow I attended it was my great fortune that BOTH the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds were performing on the same day. Standing knee deep in the ocean watching them in their consummate skill was just a fantastic experience.
  28. An F-16 landing on an aircraft carrier only happens once and is know to us in the aircraft industry as a big. giant crash. :miff:


    Uh, speaking of which, the F/A-18 is not a YF-17 with different paint, ya numpty. :supergrin:

    <--- has seen F-15s and F/A-18s accelerate straight up :shocked:
    <--- guesses that an F-16, properly configured, can do the same
  29. A-4 days for me.

  30. But the increased sales of replacements would do wonders for the industry ! ... :supergrin: (Well .... our industry, anyway ....:whistling: ) [Keep Foat Wuth green- Buy an F-16 ....]

    Most people see the tailhook and think: "Hey- Carrier Plane" ....


    .... So we don't disabuse 'em of the notion ...
    .... I think we do have a word with the pilots about it, though ....

    Well, I know that (after you s'plained it ..... )
    What I don't know is why they kept the redundant engine .... Was is because of the experiments with paper mache turbines, to save money ? :poke:

    Of course they can, but the Viper can keep going straight up into space ..... (As seen on the 'Battlestar Galacta' documentaries .....)

  31. You're old .....

    :outtahere: ... :supergrin:

    Full disclosure: I remember seeing the Blue Angels Pantherjets at Grumman's Bethpage facility (circa 1954)

    (I was a kid ! ... A kid !!! ....) :supergrin:
  32. Poopy heads... the both of ya's!
  33. Uppidy corporate jet driver ! .... :tongueout:

    :outtahere: ... :supergrin:
  34. That show was popular when we were working on the Super Hornet and I can't tell you the number of Navy aviators that asked if we could put a Turbo button on it. :supergrin:

    Me, too. And the Thunderbirds were flying F-100s.
    To this day, I still think the F-100 Super Sabre is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.
  35. That's why we like working with the AF guys ... not as demanding as the Navy .... :supergrin:

    Sure can't argue with that ! .... :thumbsup:
  36. I also watched them in the F 100 days, and watched one plane get Class 26ed during the initial formation take off. Nobody got hurt and the show went on with the pilot transitioning to the spare F 100 to put the show on, after a 15 or 20 minute delay.

    I related details of this in the other thread a week or so ago.
  37. Caver, we aren't old, are we? :supergrin:
  38. When I was a young pup, I used to hang around the ANG base. The Crew Chiefs would let me ride around with them, and throw out the new drag chutes for the F-100's when they came back from flying.
  39. Only physicaly. (Bad back)
  41. The Blue Angels are what Thunderbird pilots aspire to become. :tongueout:
  42. Well, this is true.

    In the F-16, the airplane can do 9 G's so the Thunderbirds are forced to do tight maneuvers with the 'G' suit squeezing their guts out ....

    Should they downselect to the F-18, the airplane can only do 7 1/2 G's, therefore they can relax and perform easy loopy manuevers with no stress or strain on their little pink bodies .....

    :outtahere: ... :tongueout:
  43. Both were flying Phantoms when I was a kid going to yearly air shows at Pt Mugu & Edwards. I honestly think the best shows were during the A4 & T38 era
  44. Can the Air Force guys NOT spill their coffee from their personalized mugs while performing maneuvers?

  45. Sorry to interrupt with a dumb question; what does class 26ing an aircraft mean?

    Is it damaging it to the point it is retired?
  46. Keep in mind Bob Hoover was Air Force, and he patented the pouring drinks while maneuvering sthick ...

    ( Youtube videos available ....)

    Dunno if he taught it to the current crop though .... :whistling:
  47. Aircarver

    Copy, thanks.
  48. So, that's why the primary design specification for the Falcon was cup holders and an 8-track player. I also hear tell that the ergonometric pilot's seat was a recliner with 3-speed massage. :tongueout:

    And the Navy said we don't need to do no steeeeenkin' 9g maneuvers. Enemy wasn't ever going to get that close.

    NB: The Blue Angels don't wear G-suits and I suspect the Thunderbirds don't either. As I understand it, the chambers inflating interfere with precision control. One little jostle and a tight formation becomes big, falling pieces.