Blondes in Heaven

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    3 Beautiful "Blondes" Met at the Pearly Gates and was Stopped By St Peter, He told the Blondes that there was too many "Stupid Blondes" Getting into Heaven and HE Was Gonna Have to Start Sorting them Out.
    So He told the Blondes that He would Give them a Test. If They Past the Test They Could Go to Heaven. All 3 Agreed.
    St Peter Asked the 1st Blonde How Many Day's of the Week do We Have, She Say's 5, NO!!!!!!! Your Outta Here, He ask's the 2nd One, How Many Month's in the Year, She Say's 7, NO!!!!!!! Your Outta Here,
    So Now St Peter Get's to the 3rd One, She's Been Watching and Listening to the other 2's Answer's, St Peter said, Are You Ready??? She Say's,
    YES I Am, Ok, He Say's, How Many Secounds in a Year, She Pop's OFF 12,
    WHAT!!!!!! He Ask's, How Did You Get that Answer???
    January 2nd, Febuary 2nd, March 2nd, On up to Dec 2nd, OK!!!!!! I Guess I'll Have to Accept That , How Many Day's of the Week Start With a "T",
    Today and Tomorrow, She Spouted!!!!!, Unreal, St. Peter Replied, But I Guess I Gotta give You That One Also, He's Getting Tired of these Different but Correct Answers So He Thought up a GOOD ONE for Her.
    WHAT!!!! Is "GOD'S" First Name??? Ohhhh That's SIMPLE, She Shot Back. SIMPLE St. Peter Asked, "YES" She Said, It's In ALL the Bibles, And People Say it ALL The Time, SING Song's With His First Name, WHAT!!!!!!!! St. Peter ASKED, What is it Then??????
    "ANDY" She Said, God's Name is ANDY, St. Peter was Beside Himself, HOW Did YOU EVER Come Up With the Name "ANDY" As God's First Name ??? I Gotta HEAR THIS ONE!!!!!!!! Ok, She Said, And "SHE"
    Started SINGING!!!!!! "ANDY" Walk's with Me, "ANDY" Talk's with Me,
    "ANDY" He Tell's Me I Am His OWN, OK!!!!! COME ON IN, St Peter Tell's Her.