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blondes and blonde cops

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockphobia, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Apr 30, 2005
    one day their was a blonde speeding down the interstate and wizzed by a police officer. the cop, being a blonde also, pulls the speeding motorist over and walks up to the car window and says: " i need to see your license and registration, the blonde fumbles through her pocketbook and finds her registration but not her license. "what does the license look like"? asked the driver. the cop replies: "its shaped like a rectangle and has your picture on it". the blonde driver digs in her purse once more and found a rectangle mirror, looked at it, thought hum this must be it and hands it over to the police officer. the cop then looks at it and says "i'm sorry i did'nt know you were a cop too, have a nice day!"