Blonde Golfers

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Lucy, Jenna, Georgia, and Meg (all blondes) returned to the clubhouse after an afternoon of golf.

    "How did your game go?" asked the club pro.

    "Great," replied Lucy. "I had a terrific round with 25 riders."

    "Very good," said Jenna. "I did pretty well with 18 riders."

    "Okay," allowed Georgia. "I didn't do too badly with 12 riders."

    "Not too good." admitted Meg. "I only had four riders the entire round."

    A bit confused, but not wanting to sound ignorant because he didn't know what a rider was, the pro smiled and wished them better luck the next time.

    After they left, however, he approached Joe the bartender and asked, "Joe, can you tell me what 'rider' is?"

    "Sure," said Joe, smiling. "A rider is when someone hits a shot long enough to take a ride on a golf cart."