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BLM Mob demands White people move out of neighborhood and give up their homes

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  2. I've had people make demands of me over the years. Most walked away bitterly disappointed.
  3. Time for the BIG GUNS...I'd take a bunch down with me...as they say,being old
    Life in Prison is not much of a deterrent...
  4. Come down to my neighborhood. I’ve been bored for a while.
  5. In the not too distant future, the whites will flee anyway. Home prices will plummet, rents will decline, and then the mob will be able to buy/rent, or the gubmint will subsidize or pay it all. Shortly thereafter, it will turn into a slum with roving gangs and nightly shootings.

    These people are animals. They have no respect, no sense of responsibility, they know only violence.
  6. "THESE" people....who you talkin"?
  7. "pants up, don't loot, pants up, don't loot!"

  8. I thought that they weren’t for segregation??
  9. Looks like a scene from Do the Right Thing.
  10. I'm glad to see people voicing this. I've felt this way for many years but being white and in the presence of the PC culture, I've had to keep my mouth shut.
    This is a white built, designed and governed society. The problem? They just can't assimilate. We are not the racists, they are. We've just been told since grade school that we need to make amends with them and it's not their fault. BS!
  11. They should wish in one hand, crap in the other and see which hand fills up first.
  12. We can all laugh now, but since no one is putting a stop to this crap, "BLM mob wants white people to" I predict, will only get worse.
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  14. It is [email protected] damn time law enforcement and public officials start doing their jobs. I know law enforcement has been hamstrung by loony leftist politicians.
  15. If all the working white people are gone what will they do?
  16. I’ll give up my home.
    For $350,000
  17. They couldnt afford the property tax
  18. My digs aren't all that great, but they are mine. I won't appreciate the commies going all "Dr. Zhivago" over it.
  19. when those homeowners are upside down on their mortgate, maybe they should take the protestors up on their offer
  20. What choo talkin bout. Homey don't pay no property taxes! That's fo white folk.
  21. Did I miss it? Where is this? Doesn’t not having to listen to someone with the IQ of a 6 year old yell in front of your house with a bull horn fall under the safe in your personal effects part of the Constitution?

    One way to deal with this would be for the neighborhood to ban together, get some fire hoses and do the water hammer shuffle in these protesters faces. A man should be able to go home and rest after a hard day of work and paying taxes.
  22. This has been happening for a while. It is referred to as white flight. But it not really just white people, people move out of an area or city because of crime, poor schools, traffic grid lock etc.
  23. **All** the craziness Going on in our Country right know, rioting, political, etc., is ***** ALL***** about, in one way or another, trying to steal mainly white people’s money. Do not doubt this and don’t ever forget it. Our Country’s greatest enemy **by far** is the lying and deceiving fake news media and the people who believe their propaganda. That is undebatable!!

    MAGA !!! Vote Trump and Republican in November to stop the insanity !!!
  24. Good point. It's decent people moving out. Then again, decent POC are not the problem. It's the 'hood rats and radicalized/self hating white Marxists.
  25. The war on the middle class continues.

    "The standard of living of the average American has to decline," Volcker declared shortly after becoming Fed Chair.
  26. I want all liberals to stop breathing oxygen, i want them to stop poisoning children, so until that happens. Biden/Harris will escalate this civil war. These 2 POS suits need to be stopped.

    Ummm, give up my home to thugs and murderers...??? Not today, and surly not tomorrow. I earned my home by working for it. If you want to come here and "try" to take my home, notify your family, first. You wont be leaving my home in the same manner you arrived if you are a threat.

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  27. The whole state could end up that way if they really work on it. We'd then have "ESCAPE FROM _______" for real but there'd unfortunately be no Snake Pliskin.
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  29. This is in Seattle
  30. F 'em and feed 'em fish heads.
  31. EFFEM!
  32. Our time's version of the 'Projects' in the 60s, except with lawns.
  33. Marxists gonna do what Marxists gonna do. The limousine liberals and champagne socialists will come to regret the beast they've made.
  34. Two word response for them: **** OFF!!
  35. Ever notice about half the kids in these protests are white? Explain that.
  36. I'm sure they will enjoy the treats I leave for them when I turn over the keys.
  37. They identify as black.
  38. Well said. Things have actually gone backward since - ironically enough - the civil rights movement of the 60s. This of course coincided with Lyndon Johnson's "great society" and the "war on poverty", all of which led to handouts and poor people remaining poor, with no real opportunity for growth. Giving people money provides zero incentive to go earn it yourself or to better yourself.

    Blacks used to assimilate and want to be a part of American society. They had names like Michael, John and Kim. Now it's DeShawn, Trevon and Shanice. They once wanted to get ahead, study and do well in school. Now, school is a "white thing". Whatever its origins, I certainly see more racism on the part of blacks towards whites than the other way around.
  39. A small dose of reality.

    Anyone can be brave when wearing a mask and carrying a bull horn. 15 seconds of fame on social media. You most likely will never find that person acting as a Big Sister, Big Brother, volunteering to work a Little League snack bar or umpire.

    One Saturday morning, I go to a little league game. Each team is supposed to provide two umpires. The reality is that not one male parent showed up from the other team, including just being a spectator. I ump the whole game. That is reality. Just do the best you can to set an example.

    I don't get worked up about some moron running around looking for his or her 15 seconds of fame on social media. They create their own personal misery and will wallow in it for the rest of their lives. And remember this when you go to date someone. There are plenty of self-absorbed nutsos out there and it isn't your responsibility to change them or punish them, just avoid them.
  40. Why that is the easiest to explain. This is what liberalism has done to your kiddies. Liberalism is the poison in which they use to destroy is all. Its for the children, right?
  41. EFF around and they can find out.
  42. There are usually two waves. The first is the looting, where windows are broken stuff is stolen and everyone is running around. That's quick and is usually the locals trying to get free stuff by using something like the George Floyd killing as a reason.

    The second wave is the Antifa-type reaction, which is coordinated and paid for by someone like Soros. I don't know the racial breakdown, but my guess is that there are more whites in that group than any other group.

    Neither should be tolerated, and until we stop tolerating it and start punishing it, it won't stop. That's the difference between good people and bad people, whatever color they are. Good people will try to find a way to do what's right, whether it benefits them or not. Bad people will push the envelop and get away with as much as they can.

    That's my personal opinion, anyway.
  43. Sorry, but i totally disagree. Ignoring them only enrages them even MORE today. We have a very bad parenting problem in this country. It needs to be squashed, because if not, this is what you get by letting it fester. And here we are.
  44. some had to crawl and one got a ride with the red and blue lights on
  45. https://summit.news/2020/08/14/black-lives-matter-mob-demands-white-people-give-up-their-homes/

    Now I don't really care what happens to the liberals in Seattle, it's their problem!
    I just wonder where the police are and why they let this happen. OH that's because the Seattle city Democrat politicians won't let the police do anything, then cut their budget. I laughed when I saw this as those losers don't know what they are starting. We had a saying in the Military back in the 70s. The only good commie is a dead commie. I hope those dimwits in Seattle wake up before they are murdered in their sleep. Blacks have already started murdering white children.
  46. Get them all bus tickets to NYC and then they can go out to Soros' place in Bedford Hills. Let's see how that goes.