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Selling a brand new in original package Blackhawk Omega VI-L left handed drop leg holster setup. Includes holster, warranty card, user manual, and original packaging.

I purchased this brand new to test fit my SR9 with TLR-1 combination, it proved too large for my taste and is designed for full size/larger weapons. The package says for Colt 45 or Browning full size pistols with mounted lights, realistically I think the pouch holster on this is big enough to fit just about any autoloader/light combination. The picture shows the size of the actual holster, it definitely will fit a full size 1911 with mounted light as advertised.
Model # is 40QD21BK-L


The BlackHawk Omega VI is a "drop leg" holster which allows for a quick draw from any position. It has an adjustable belt hanger made of three layers of heavy-duty scuba belt webbing with two fully adjustable and removable leg straps. This reduces motion when running, jumping, swimming, or crawling. The holster itself is made of heavy-duty quilted ballistic NyTaneon which will maintain the shape of the holster when the gun is drawn. This provides quick, confident re-holstering of your weapon. The thumb break is adjustable and has a safety retention strap for a perfect fit.

The Omega VI-L has all the same features as the Omega VI except this one is designed for pistols with 3 or 6 volt light mounts. It can also be used without the light mounted. The bottom of the holster is sewn closed for flashlight A.D.'s (accidental discharge from flashlights are hard to miss at night!) under tactical conditions.

$Reduced to 30 shipped. PPal or USPS money order accepted.
Trade for 223 ammo as well if anyone wants to trade.
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