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Thanks as always to those who turned out and don't forget we'll be shooting the new "Option D" course of fire starting saturday, June 20th 10am-1pm, so start some strong-hand only and weak-hand only practice!

In the meantime, here are the raw scores for May and I will get the match totals, class breakdowns and pistol drawing posted early next week!

J. Webb 496-28X
J. Webb 496-27X
J. Webb 491-25X
T. Hicks 485-15X
D. Womble 485-12X
D. Womble 483-20X
D. Womble 482-20X
J. Kreuz 481-21X
J. Webb 479-23X
T. Hicks 475-20X
J. Kreuz 473-20X
J. Kreuz 469-17X
D. Womble 468-23X
D. Womble 464-17X
J. Simbro 463-18X
D. Womble 459-21X
T. Imar 454-11X
J. Simbro 438-11X
M. Tokarz 436-12X
M. Tokarz 373-08X

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Andy, you guys had another great GSSF Indoor match and hats off to you. I enjoy your matches as one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!
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