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Black Wing March 2010 Results

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by garandy, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. garandy


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    Mar 17, 2006
    Some of you may have overheard me explaining to my coworker that I take great pride in the fact that I can often post the results on the same day as the match. Me and my big, fat mouth...
    Thanks to everyone who came and be sure to be at Black Wing for our April matches and Glock event!

    M. Hawk 500-41X-(TIE)
    D. Melick 500-41X-(TIE)
    D. Melick 500-38X
    M. Hawk 493-36X
    G. Johnson 491-31X
    A. Cobbs 490-32X
    R. Melick 490-30X
    C. Montgomery 490-28X
    T. Imar 488-32X
    G. Johnson 488-29X
    C. Lebanik 487-31X
    G. Johnson 487-29X
    E. Samsel 485-29X
    M. Hawk 484-35X
    A. Cobbs 482-32X
    T. Lenhart 481-22X
    C. Lebanik 480-26X
    E. Samsel 479-27X
    M. Fraley 479-21X
    A. Cobbs 478-28X
    R. Melick 473-31X
    E. Samsel 473-30X
    K. Massie 471-25X
    D. LaSota 470-25X
    S. Roche 469-20X
    S. Roche 465-21X
    R. LaSota 459-21X
    D. LaSota 458-21X
    R. Apple 455-29X
    M. Fraley 452-21X
    S. Roche 439-19X
    T. Lenhart 416-17X
    R. Apple 410-13X
    D. DeWees 405-21X
    R. LaSota 393-18X