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Black Wing GSSF June '09

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A really fun match with some interesting weak-hand "technique" on display:supergrin:
Over 40 runs AND six new GSSF members! Welcome aboard and we'll do it again July 18th!
Thanks! -Garandy

S. Leach 500-37X Nice Shootin' Tex!
M. Freburg 498-20X
K. Johnson 496-18X
S. Leach 496-14X
T. Hicks 492-16X -TIE
J. Kreuz 492-16X -TIE
T. Hicks 491-17X
S. Leach 490-17X
J. Kreuz 488-19X
E. Samsel 488-15X
K. Johnson 485-15X
S. Roche 484-11X
K. Massie 483-13X
E. Samsel 482-16X
M. Freburg 480-14X
M. Hawk 478-20X
S. Smith 477-17X
T. Imar 476-13X
R. Apple 475-12X
A. Cobb 471-15X
R. Davidson 471-13X - TIE
A. Cobb 471-13X - TIE
C. Lebanik 470-12X
A. Cobb 467-16X
S. Roche 453-11X
S. Sowers 448-09X
C. Lebanik 447-10X
M. Hamilton 445-09X
T. Ryan 446-12X
M. Hawk 445-15X
R. Apple 443-12X
M. Hawk 440-12X
M. Gore 439-15X
S. Hamilton 432-14X
M. Hamilton 426-14X
T. Ryan 413-08X
R. Allison 397-09X
S. Roche 394-09X
S. Hamilton 389-11X
S. Hamilton 373-08X
M. Hamilton 367-09X
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There was a great turnout. Great job, Andy. See ya next month if the Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!
First GSSF match. Good fun will be back next month.
Sorry I missed it. Spent Saturday & Sunday doing the Basic Motorcycle Rider's course... and passed!:wow: No Blackwing... no Indy:crying:
This was my first GSSF match. I loved it!!!! I can't wait for the next one.:2gun:
Hi Andy,

I was one of the newbies at the shoot, and I had a great time! I'll be back for more.

One question though, I shot 2 runs, but I only see one score. Should I have 2 scores listed? I'm "T. Ryan"

Terri, great to hear from you. I was glad there were other women at this match. You are listed twice above, T. Ryan (unless your husband is T. Ryan also). Looking forward to seeing you next month.
I've been to a GSSF match or two but I have a general question about the X count totals for the last few Black Wing GSSF matches.

I thought that the maximum number of X's was 50 along with the maximum score of 500. I noticed that S. Leach had 500 points but only 18 X's. I know that shooting a 500 score is difficult, congratulations Steve, but I'd think that only scoring 18 X's would be very hard, given all of the close (<10yd) targets that made up the match.

VMW- Thanks for looking out for me. In reviewing the scores I see what happened: The X-count from target #2 was omitted, an error no doubt caused by my carelessness. The score in question should read: "S. Leach 500-37X" and I will edit my post at once to reflect this.
Please note several corrections made to the original post. :shocked:
Don't worry...nobody's score went down. Thanks to VMW for pointing out that I can type faster than I can think!!
See you in July!!

Don't want to pour salt but it appears that all of the scores are missing the T2 X count.
Good eye, Vern.
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