Black or Blue???

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    Julius and Irving, two very religious Jewish men, visited Marcus Pinkus
    the tailor to have new black suits made. When they went to pick up the
    suits, Julius looked at his suit very carefully; held it up to the
    walked over to the window and examined it more carefully and then
    proclaimed, "Marcus, this suit is navy blue. It's not black!"

    "Trust me." said Marcus, "It's black!"

    "Irving, what do you think? Blue, or black?" asked Julius.

    "To tell you the truth," said Irving, "I couldn't really tell from this
    light if it's blue or black"

    They left wearing their new suits and while walking down the street
    kept examining each other's suit to see if it was blue or black.
    Then they spotted two nuns standing on the corner and decided to
    go stand next to them. They knew their habits would be black and
    this way they could be sure.

    Well, later that afternoon, the two nuns returned to the convent
    and visited with mother superior to discuss their day in the city.
    "A very strange thing occurred." reported one of the nuns.
    "Two Jewish men approached us on the street and they were
    speaking Latin!"

    "Latin?" exclaimed mother superior. "Jewish men don't speak Latin;
    they speak Hebrew!"

    "No." said the other nun. "It was definitely Latin!"

    "Well, what did they say exactly," asked the mother superior.

    "I'm not really sure," said one of the nuns. "They just kept repeating
    the same Latin phrase, "Marcus Pinkus Fuctus!"