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Black Female business owner attacked by mob in Chicago

  1. Don, as I see it, it's the complacent media that is fueling this whole travesty. I believe that without their cover, none of this would be able to last.

    I don't know how we fix this. They use the 1A for coverage and Soros is using the Constitution against us and to his advantage.

    The propaganda machine needs to go and patriots need to stand up to their narrative.

    Anyone see where the DC mayor wants PDJT to remove the barriers to the WH? Wonder why, with an extra million or two in town for the weekend of sightseeing?
  2. It's Chicago. Black on Black crime is the norm.
  3. It matters because she is black. I hate that the right is starting to do this, Trump bragging about what he's doing for POCs. It's just the start.
  4. This was in the Bronx, NYC...

    Big momma keepin it real!!!
  5. There are those who don't want to see their neighbors "movin' on up".
  6. The lines aren’t drawn between black and white, although it often looks that way... the is about the “haves” vs the “have nots”.
  7. The problem is small if the simple solution is allowed.
  8. May averaged 12.6 shot a day, at least 73% black tho its probably higher so thats about 10 a day. 20 yesterday and so far today, well, up to 0600 hrs, including 2 triples and 3 doubles. Looking at the address's they were all in black or Spanish neighborhoods, "believe me I know". https://heyjackass.com/

    Incredibly none dead....yet. County and Sinai Trauma can resuscitate Frankenstein they've had so much practice tho I'm sure some plugs will be pulled after they locate family.

    Decent black folk have fled the city more then any other group. The Historic neighborhoods they grew up in have been destroyed by Narco-gangs and the gangster culture, many/most of the great churches they flocked to shuttered up as the Left has chased God out of our lives.

    Sadly during my career I had to stand witness to this destruction of a people.
  9. What does the "right" have to do with any of this.

    This is a black business owner being attacked by black thugs. Nothing "right" or "Tump" about any of this.
  10. Right, and the original article does not even specify race. This forum seems to be skewed right and my comment was about that tendency in the right generally to appeal to blacks to add credibility to their position. I understand the logic, given that the other side is pre-occupied with identity and probably DO care less if it was a white lady. IDK, just a crappy situation, you know?
  11. This needs to be shown on msm. The law needs to be changed. You bust windows, start to enter, get met with buckshot. I doubt I could pull the trigger. But imo it should be legal to do. Convince me my life is in danger. Then I think I could fire.
  12. Big cities.
    Do not care.
  13. Like crabs in a bucket pulling the one trying to escape back down.
  14. I learned this taking SATs. Other students who knew they wouldn’t go to college tried to distract, get the tests invalidated of students who wanted to do well.
    They realized goofing off thru entire school yrs was going to matter. So they tried to ruin it for those of us who actually did schoolwork, learned a few things.