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Black Creek/West Point Gun Club

  1. Hello-

    I am in Richmond and am looking to join either one of these gun clubs since they shut down the WMA ranges for the summer. I have tried calling Black Creek but have gotten no answer and more recently, the number has been disconnected. I know there is a gun club in West Point but there is no contact info that I can find at all.

    Any members that could give me hand? Your help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to shooting again on a regular basis.

  2. Join the VA IDPA yahoo group and post your question there. A lot of folks there are members at Black Creek and could tell you about becoming a member. Most of those folks are from around Richmond, so even if you're not interested in IDPA you may find it interesting.
  3. Stop by Greentops and ask for "Joe." I know he shoots CAS out at Black Creek. He can probably fill you in.
  4. Black Creek is open. I am a member and was there last weekend. Think they had a cowboy shoot going then as well.
  5. I don't know if Black Creek has any openings. The way it works is that near the end of the year Mr. Young sends the members a reminder to renew. Come the first of January any open slots are available to new members. NRA membership required.

    The easiest thing to do is drive by and talk to Mr. Young. He's owned the place for 30 years or so. When you get him talking you'll learn some things.

    From the Lilja barrel site www.riflebarrels.com/winners/default.htm

    "1995, K.C. Young shoots 2 World Records in I/R 50/50 competition"
    "K.C. Young is the 1998 USRA 100 yard Marksman of the Year"

    I was there a week ago and hope to get back tomorrow.

  6. do a 411 info ask for jeans plumbing of west point john claude is the fellows name he will direct you to the club pres or tri county animal clinic DR banks, west point. both guyes are good people they will hook you up. the renge in WP is very cool nothing real special but nice plus you get to use the land to hunt and such they have 100 plus acres there.:wavey: