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Blac-Rac on an AK?

  1. http://www.blac-rac.com/

    Obviously it's catered to AR's, but it shows a bolt action and a shotgun being used too. Wondering people's thought on using it for my "go to" AK.
  2. Why? Put it muzzle down in the corner of your choice of room in your house. Safer and faster.
  3. I have all of my long guns in a safe.

    I don't like not being able to get to my "go to gun" quickly and without leaving my room. I also don't like leaving a gun unsecured in my room in case someone breaks in during the day and steals it or if my young nephew visits and decides to sneak out of my sight.

    I know most will say, "take it out when I get home and put it away when I leave" but I know I'll forget one day, and anyone ever met that guy Murphy?
  4. I understand not wanting to leave it out accidentally when you leave, but this Blac-rac thing would not even slow down a thief, they'd rip the whole thing off the wall.
  5. They need to impliment "time-outs" for defensive situations. "Time-Out!!!!!!!!!!" I need to unlock my firearm from this contraption so I can shoot you in defense of my life and of those in this house.
  6. I don't care about it getting stolen, I just don't want it used against me. If they take the whole contraption so be it, I just don't want to get shot with my own AK. To unlock it seems easy enough and they have an electronic version for quick release. I think its a good compromise.

    Just wondering if anyone has seen this done or even with a similar device.

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  7. The last thing I want to do when faced w/ death is compromise.