Bill To Ban Gun Confiscations Advancing!

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    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Well, there's good news and bad news in Salt Lake City.

    The good news is that a bill that would change state law to prohibit
    the confiscation of firearms and ammunition during a state of
    emergency passed the Senate recently. That bill (SB 201) was
    introduced by Sen. Mark Madsen (R-Dist. 13) and Rep. Carl Wimmer
    (R-Dist. 52), and it has already passed the Senate by a nearly
    unanimous vote of 26-3.

    The bad news is that SB 201 is now stuck in the House Rules Committee
    and will die on Wednesday night at the stroke of midnight, when the
    House officially adjourns for the year!

    It is imperative that you contact your state representative right
    away, for this is an extremely important bill. You may recall that
    during the Hurricane Katrina debacle in 2005, video documentation
    surfaced showing that officials in New Orleans were disarming
    law-abiding gun owners who were doing nothing more than keeping their
    self-defense firearms available to protect their property and loved
    ones. (You can view this disgusting footage at on the GOA website.)

    Last year, GOA worked in about a dozen states -- and at the federal
    level -- to enact Emergency Protection laws to prevent this kind of
    abuse from occurring. It's time for Utah to do the same.

    SB 201 is an excellent bill. In addition to protecting your gun
    rights, it creates a "cause of action" which allows you to sue the
    cop who steals your gun, to sue the government to get your gun back,
    and to get reimbursed for your attorney's fees when you win.

    ACTION: Please contact your state representative and ask him to
    support SB 201. This bill has passed the Senate but is now stuck in
    the House Rules Committee.

    Please urge your representative to actively push for the bill's
    passage. You can look up your state rep. by going to and entering your address. A
    suggested message and roster of the Utah House are below.

    ----- Pre-written message -----

    Dear Representative,

    I agree with Gun Owners of America that SB 201 is an excellent bill,
    and I would ask your support for this legislation to prohibit the
    unlawful and unconstitutional confiscation of firearms during a
    "state of emergency."

    The bill would outlaw police misbehavior such as the outrageous
    conduct in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, which was soundly
    rebuked by the courts.

    Please work to make sure that this important bill gets out of the
    Rules Committee and is passed by the House and sent to the Governor.

    Unlike some parts of the country, we in Utah value the right to keep
    and bear arms. Again, please reinforce this right by supporting SB


    ***** Utah House of Representatives Roster *****

    Phone: 801-538-1029
    Toll-free Phone: 800-908-4261
    Fax for Republican reps: 801-326-1544
    Fax for Democratic reps: 801-326-1539

    District Name E-mail

    01 Menlove [email protected]
    02 Ferry [email protected]
    03 Draxler [email protected]
    04 Hunsaker [email protected]
    05 Wyatt [email protected]
    06 Gibson [email protected]
    07 Donnelson [email protected]
    08 Froerer [email protected]
    09 Hansen [email protected]
    10 Shurtliff [email protected]
    11 Dee [email protected]
    12 Buxton [email protected]
    13 Ray [email protected]
    14 Oda [email protected]
    15 Aagard [email protected]
    16 Garn [email protected]
    17 Fisher [email protected]
    18 Barrus [email protected]
    19 Allen [email protected]
    20 Neuenschwander [email protected]
    21 Gowans [email protected]
    22 Duckworth [email protected]
    23 Seelig [email protected]
    24 Becker [email protected]
    25 Johnson [email protected]
    26 Litvack [email protected]
    27 Dougall [email protected]
    28 McGee [email protected]
    29 Fisher [email protected]
    30 Biskupski [email protected]
    31 Wiley [email protected]
    32 Bigelow [email protected]
    33 Hendrickson [email protected]
    34 Holdaway [email protected]
    35 Wheatley [email protected]
    36 Riesen [email protected]
    37 Moss [email protected]
    38 Hutchings [email protected]
    39 Dunnigan [email protected]
    40 Hemingway [email protected]
    41 Kiser [email protected]
    42 Bird [email protected]
    43 Harper [email protected]
    44 Cosgrove [email protected]
    45 Walker [email protected]
    46 Morgan [email protected]
    47 Mascaro [email protected]
    48 Andersen [email protected]
    50 Newbold [email protected]
    51 Hughes [email protected]
    52 Wimmer [email protected]
    53 Brown [email protected]
    54 Snow [email protected]
    55 Mathis [email protected]
    56 Sumsion [email protected]
    57 Frank [email protected]
    58 Sandstrom [email protected]
    59 Fowlke [email protected]
    60 Daw [email protected]
    61 Grover [email protected]
    62 Herrod [email protected]
    63 Clark [email protected]
    64 Lockhart [email protected]
    65 Tilton [email protected]
    66 Morley [email protected]
    67 Painter [email protected]
    68 Wheeler [email protected]
    69 King [email protected]
    70 McIff [email protected]
    71 Last [email protected]
    72 Bowman [email protected]
    73 Noel [email protected]
    74 Clark [email protected]
    75 Urquhart [email protected]
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    I did my part RMTactical. It looks as though the Bill passed the Senate and won't be addressed till next year the House never voted on it and they have adjorned. I for one am glad this bill is being discussed and all looks positive for its approval. Maybe next year it will be passed. Keep your head up this would be good for all the pro gun individuals in our state.


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    Oct 3, 2006
    I hope it passes. :thumbsup:

    And I had noidea that in this state they could do what they did in LA.