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Bill Jeans Handgun Courses: Boise, ID July 2011

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by England, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Boise, ID
    Bill Jeans (Morrigan Consulting; ) will be teaching his basic handgun and Advanced Concealed Carry handgun classes near Boise in July 2011. The host range is at Emmett, Idaho, about 30 miles from Boise. Please contact me for further information: benglandcom.2 AT

    July 22-24 (Fri-Sun): Defensive Handgun
    This course will supplement the handgun concealed carry licensee or concerned citizen’s training with defensive gun-fighting skills based on the Modern Technique of the Pistol. It is an introductory level course directed toward shooters with little or no formal defensive handgun training but far exceeds a “basic pistol” course. Course material includes practical marksmanship, ballistics, a proven gun handling methodology, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, mental conditioning for combat and more. Course fee is $500. Minimum 500 rounds ammunition.

    July 25-27 (Mon-Wed): Advanced Concealed Carry Handgun
    This intense course will supplement the student’s existing skills by focusing on fighting from concealed carry in the typical threat environments of home, vehicle and street. O.K. .. you got the gun and you got the CCW certificate. Good start. Now learn how to employ that weapon properly to save your life. Stress gunhandling, continuity of fire, malfunction clearance, shooting with movement, weapon retention, mental conditioning for combat and more will be addressed. It is equally suited to plain clothes or off-duty law enforcement or the concerned private citizen. Course fee is $500. Minimum 800 rounds ammunition.

    Bill Jeans is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, career law-enforcement officer, and SWAT operator. He has been a firearms instructor since 1980 and is a former Rangemaster at Gunsite, besides teaching at Thunder Ranch.