Bill Introduced to Allow Concealed Carry for Judges and Prosecutors

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    Sep 12, 2013
    That MAGA analogy is good example why LEOSA was created. That concern of being attacked simply because of what you are or were by an unknown person even on vacation is and was real for LEO families before all of this civil unrest . We and our families were being attacked like MAGA people simply for an association to LE and no connection to the attacker before it became popular to do so. That’s why LEOSA was created.
    It passed because of 9/11 and the issues of having LEOs from different states crossing state lines.
    And I understand the jealousy of others being able to do something that one can not. I have Fed LEO friends who can carry on airplanes to their vacation spot without an issue and I couldn’t even when I was an active LEO. Or just when I went to a federal courthouse. They could carry when I couldn’t. And I dealt with many more violent criminals then they ever had.

    And yes I have run into criminals while on vacation in a different state.
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