Bill And The Hawgs

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    Sep 10, 2001
    When Clinton was still President, he returned after a weekend trip home to Arkansas, and stepped from the helicopter and onto the White House lawn. He was carrying 2 Arkansas-bred hawgs.

    At the bottom of the steps, a young Marine snapped to attention and said, "Fine looking pigs, sir!".

    Clinton turned and glared at the boy. "Son, don't you know I'm from Arkansas? These ain't pigs, they're hawgs."

    The marine replied, "This Marine begs the COMMANDER IN CHIEF'S pardon, sir. Fine looking hawgs, sir!"

    Clinton smiled with pride and the young man relaxed. The President went on, "Thank you son. You see this one here?" He nodded to the hawg under his right arm and says, "I got this one for Chelsea." Then he nodded to the hawg under his left arm and says "This one here, I got for Hillary."

    At that the Marine snapped back to attention and said, "Sir, those were outstanding trades, sir."