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Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by pistolero6869, Mar 17, 2007.

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    I havent owned or ridden it years. I want a semi- street / Trail bike. With lights etc so I can go to the store a few miles away. and also ride in the woods and fields Local craigs list has these bikes for sale any thoughts.1975 Kawasaki " Big Horn" kinda ruff runs 350 cc $900.00 /A 1976 Suzuki TS_250 very nice $1,000 say it runs real good! / a 1973 yamaha Dt-250 Very very nice$1,500 / a 1975 HONDA XL-250 real clean $1,000/ A 1986 Honda XL-250 only 3,000 miles needs carbs adj $1,100 /A 1974 Kawasaki 350 " Big Horn" nice $650.00/ A 1976 Honda XL 350 only 1,950 miles $1,300 firm . runs great! Thats what Ive found so far. Is it me or all these price high for such old bikes? The mechanic i talked to at the one shop said if it was him he would buy the 1976 Suzuki TS-250 it only needs the rubber air box replaced or fooled with a bit Its $1,000.00 bucks I wont be riding this a lot or take it on the highway just on counrty roads. what do you guy think? We have a low of $650.00 the 1974 Kaw "Big Horn" and a high of $1,300.00 for the 1976 Honda with only 1,950 miles. I can tinker with bikes and have tools but what should I stay away from!! Oh and a 125cc yahama AT-1 for $600.00 but i think a 125 cc is too small im 6foot 230 lbs. I kinda like the Suzuki TS-250 the mechanic suggested But its $1,000 bucks HELP!!!! Thanks:shocked: