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Big week for Serena Williams

  1. Pathetic.
  2. Heaven forbid his position gets filled with the most qualified person. These holier than thou BLM types seem to be the most bigoted of all.
  3. He asked it go to a black person... He didn't say it "must" and in stepping down he'd have no legal standing to do so...

    As far as money, he gave a million, it's his to give, and yet he still has way more than you will ever have.

    Deal with it....
  4. She obviously has more Testosterone than his wimpy little a$$, of course not too many people have an a$$ the size of her's.
  5. Is she the one who throws a temper tantrum on the court whenever she loses?
  6. Yep, and you know she is going to beat his a$$ someday for peeing on the seat. Wait, he's probably sitting.
  7. If he had integrity he would have made the donation anonymously.

    Its amazing how much of a "look at me" culture we have become.
  8. Jade Falcon... Your spot on.Every time she loses throws a Fit.And makes excuses about a previous injury witch affected the outcome of the match.A great athlete but bad sportsmanship
  9. Happy wife, happy life.
  10. Perfect Post
  11. I agree and that's what a lot of this is about. Not how they truly feel but how do they look.
  12. We are laughing at how pathetic and retarded it is. Deal with it...
  13. So is Serena going to donate a million dollars of her money to the National Police Support Fund?
  14. I like her boobs....
  15. Can we please....please....stop comparing black people to apes? Please.

    Do we want to prove that we aren't racist, or not? Because that's not how you do it.
  16. She's got three now, since she married one.
  17. Brevity is the mark of a master. And makes for a great swimsuit. [emoji39]

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  18. So let me see if I understand this, another black person is going to be given something he didn't earn? Where have I seen that before? Hmmm?

    A million to kapernick? How about donating to the folks who have had their businesses destroyed? Who probably won't be able to pay future insurance premiums, if they can even get insurance now.

    I hate stupid white folks who kowtow to this BS. Complete idiots.
  19. If you see racism, that's your issue!

    I think, it's an apt comparison.
    Nuff said!
  20. 4CE88C9000000578-0-image-a-5_1528140513757.jpg

    I wonder how many other CEO's of major companies will take his lead and step down and hand the torch to a black man or woman?
  21. How many other CEO's of major companies' are married to women who'll demand it?

    (That many.)
  22. Apes are beautiful.
  23. What a GOOF! :D

    "I co-founded Reddit 15 years ago to help people find community and a sense of belonging," Ohanian wrote.."
  24. Let-Take-Moment-Admire-Her-Arm-Muscles.jpg

    I bet she can put a whoopin' on his scrawny ass.

    Happyguy :)
  25. Not hating on anyone for being rich but it’s easy for them to virtue signal when they have tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars. Regular people just feeding their families and putting their kids through school don’t have the luxury of giving up good jobs for the sake of virtue signaling.
  26. Is this how people go out in major cities? Sweatpants and a tank top? I’m no fashion expert but ya gotta wear pants that can accept a good belt.
  27. I wish I had arms like her.
  28. I wish I had her boobs.
  29. C'mon people, enough is enough. Stop with this racially charged posting. Saying that if someone sees a racial issue in your post it's their problem isn't going to cut it. If you say that, you are acknowledging there is a racial component. Comparing a Black woman, any Black person to an ape is not appropriate.