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Big bore snubby

  1. My latest:


    [email protected] 325 Airlite PD, ti cylinder, scandium frame, .45acp.

    Report soon.:wavey:
  2. nice lookin gun
  3. How does it shoot? I have heard that the airweights kick like a mule.
  4. I agree its a nice looking revolver. I am gonna ask if there is anything it does better than other .45's or was this one of those "because I can."

    If its the latter I understand completely as I have a Ruger security six with the two and something barrel ... in 9mm. A 26 is far more concealable and about anything holds more rounds.
  5. Mule
  6. Lucky skunk!! :)
  7. Outstanding, congrats.
  8. Yes, it's a "because I can" kinda gun.
    I still have figure out what it's good for.:whistling:
  9. A lot of tradition going on in that photo to go with the high tech alloys.

    Nice Smith. Love those Ahrends.
  10. Very very nice
  11. Looks good Berto. I'd like to hear your report of how she shoots.

  12. Looks great Berto. :thumbsup:
  13. Very sweet Berto!
  14. Very nice. :supergrin: That would make a great mountain gun. What did you bad boy cost you if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Beautiful! :wow::wow:
  16. Stunning. Will you also be picking up some 45 auto rim for that?
  17. That thangs plum purdy. :supergrin:
  18. oh man, that look awesome.
  19. Sharp gun you have there!
  20. Tagged so I won't miss Berto's range report!
  21. Looks good Berto..:thumbsup:
  22. Great gun Berto. I have the black one and love it. The kick is very manageable for only weighing 21oz. The Ahrends grips are very comfortable. I use them on several N-frames now. I also swapped the adj. rear sight with a C&S Extreme Duty fixed. It is definitely the easiest carrying N-frame I own.


  23. Very likely. I understand Black Hills (or someone) is loading a SWC in .45AR, might be a nice choice if this gun handles lead bullets well.
    Right now I'm sitting on some +P 200gr JHP Corbon and a box of 230gr magtech hardball for tomorrow.

    I'm also in the process of vetting a Star BM 9mm, which has fits with range fodder FMJ, but seems to run just fine with a few different S/D loads using full pressure jhp's...weird, I'm guessing it has a fresh recoil spring.


    so I'll be shooting the 325 and BM tomorrow, it looks like.:supergrin:
  24. Berto, Ronin.45 those look great with wood grips. I think a pair would look good on my 329. Would the felt recoil be much more than with rubber grips? Mine kicks way more than my .460 as is.
  25. I never cared for the Ahrends on the J frames, but they feel like a definite improvement over the finger grooved presentation stocks- which sting the hell out of me on the 3" 629.
    I like that [email protected] rear sight too, I 'll have to see how much POI shift I get with different loads in this gun.
  26. SWEET!

    ...Shooting from inside of a coat pocket. Of course, the pocket usually catches on fire (Yes, I've tried it.:ffighter:)
  27. I have one and it's great.

    Ugly, but great.

    Yours doesn't look ugly.

  28. I think what's drawn me to this gun is the light weight. I had a 5" 625-6 that was a great shooter and damn accurate, but it was huge and too heavy for anything besides a range gun...the 5" bbl kept it from any future with IDPA as well.
    This thing could be carried easy, and I have plenty of N frame holsters.:supergrin: Not saying it will replace the Kimber, but it could.