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Big -1 for pearldrummerelx!

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pearldrummerelx said he would buy a gun from me if I could just please hold it for a week and a half. I agreed to do it for him and 3 days later he asks how much of a discount I will take! WTF? Ask someone to do you a big favor and then after some days, try and renegotiate the price?

Plus.... he said I would have to call his FFL to work it all out as he doesn't except guns from other FFL's without prior phone conversations. The deal just got worse and worse.

Bad Buyer in my eyes!
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i'm sorry for the confusion.

the first half of this is true. after requesting he hold on to the gun, i did ask to see if he could drop the price. after he declined, i explained why i requested...the gun was an older model, not in perfect condition, and only came with one magazine. i thought it was a fair request. hindsight is 20/20.

the issue with the FFL i'm starting to see is unique. I don't understand why, but my FFL requires the seller to contact them directly via phone. I have only done one prior deal through the FFL, and the seller had no problem doing this, and the sale when through flawlessly.

I have had plenty of transactions on glocktalk before that have gone by flawlessly. With that I have many people that can vouch for me that I am a stand up person and have no problems completing transactions.

I'm sorry I backed out on the sale, Jon. I wish you good luck with the sale of the pistol and hopefully you'll get what you asked for it. I'm sorry if I hindered the sale at all, it wasn't my intention.
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