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I've used one for over two years now. I like it.

The retention works. I've been in for-real fights while wearing it, and more in the mat room. The gun stays put. The mouth of the holster is rigid enough to stay open for re-holstering, even after you've rolled on it.

It used a Safariland 0701 for a long time, so the retention release is natural for me; it's part of establishing the grip, and doesn't add anything to the time on the drawstroke. Restoring retention comes automatically on holstering, and doesn't require you to snap in or otherwise work something mechanical.

The holster has taken quite a few dings against walls, car doors and so on, and the nylon is still in great shape. Some paint's gone from the metal, but that's it. It cleans up quickly when exposed to mud and grime.

It requires a rigid belt, properly sized to the loops, or else it will tend to rotate the butt away from your body. With a proper belt, it conceals under jackets and oversized shirts.

The snaps are pretty nearly useless, and this is the only real downside I've found. My original plan was to find something I could easily take off when going into a restricted area without having to drop trou. Fail, since the holster body and stiched border around the snaps gets in the way of closing the snaps while you're already dressed. I treat the snaps as belt loops and leave them closed. No problems.

This one was a "win", and I'll get another if mine ever wears out.
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