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Note: these are first impressions only, not vetted through a period of carry and/or range work.

I'd found this online while looking for OWB options for my G19.2 -- because I don't always want to, and circumstances may not warrant, wearing my 2 sizes too large pants :p and was looking for minimal width. Seeing this new option seemed good as the locking would prevent mishaps if/when moving quickly, although not grab-proof by any means. Bianchi's GLS is not new but this variant with leather outer is. Little less 'tac-dweeb' and a bit more subtle.

Pleasantly surprised to find this lower than online prices at the LGS -- buy local and save $ = woot.

As you can see (126GLS - Assent™ Holster | Safariland ) this is poly with a leather exterior, so it's rigid and does not collapse, nor is it quite as conforming as, say, their IWB "Professional." Inside this is the GLS mechanism which, if you're not familiar, holds the trigger guard but releases with a natural grip with the middle finger releasing. Once released there's virtually no tension holding the firearm altho there's an adjustment screw so I suppose you could lock it down further.

In my limited practice with it, attempting to draw is like just picking the 19 up -- quick and natural. It won't let go without the lever by shaking or tugging, although I bet I could wreck it and tear it free eventually. On the front, just to repeat, there's no protection from a grab; the same natural motion from a thief would probably get the lever. It is not a great open carry holster for that reason -- it's sold as an OWB concealment holster.

As a concealment holster, it's great. My 19's nose rides above the back pant pocket and it hides under a standard floopy t-shirt (usual caveats, white tight shirt bad, patterns or dark and loose good. Under a suit coat, invisible.

tl;dr: early days, but highly recommended for the purpose.
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