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Better Call Saul gunfight scene

  1. Anybody else see last night's episode?

    I thought it was the best gunfight scene I have seen on TV in quite a while. It had a Saving Private Ryan feel to it which I like. As opposed to the over the top dual wielding pistols while cartwheeling through the air and never missing a shot stuff you see in action movies.

    Great episode overall.
  2. Yeah, pretty good.

    Mike is a hard ass.
  3. Where can I see this?
  4. AMC on cable.
  5. Oh, that gun fight

    Why is Mike protecting that money?

    I saw the scene from the next one, and they are going to bond the dude out........mike put him in there
  6. Ok, how about a link to a clip? There are several gunfights, which one?
  7. I’m thinking, Lalo gets out, jumps bail heads back to Mexico.
    He then can’t come back to the States (wanted man) thus allowing Fring to continue business as usual without Cartel prying eyes.

    I’m curious as to what’s gonna happen to Kim.....
  8. Its a copyrighted show that came out yesterday, no links.
  9. A couple of episodes back Gus seemed surprised that Lalo was conducting business as usual from prison. He might be thinking of a more permanent solution if Lalo heading back to Mexico isn't good enough.

    As long as it took for this season to show up I was hoping for more than 10 episodes. I wouldn't be shocked if this was the last season for Mrs. Goodman.
  10. And who set up the hijack ? Had to be Gus and Mike or what am I missing here ?
  11. Gus & Mike could have let the word slip out to the wrong crowd just to see what cockroaches crawl out to take the bait with Mike waiting with his "little friend." Gus is always scheming to reduce the competition in any way he can.
  12. THE one from last night.
  13. So much tv to catch up on!! Better call Saul, the breaking bad movie, Ozark season 3. It’s daunting.
  14. So how did Mike know the exact location it was going to happen ?

    So far, this is a pot hole ( plot hole ) for me.

    My wife says I never watch anything for entertainment; I watch it to point out the unexplained pot holes.

    On a positive note, I liked bringing back the two brothers who were in BB.
  15. Just started Ozark Season 1. I am hooked!!!

    "What would you do if you found 5 million dollars. What would you buy first?"

  16. I was hoping the Suzuki Esteem would survive.

    What an awesome name for a lawyer's car!
  17. Don’t you remember the leaker making a phone call when the dude brothers were gathering the cash at the safe house? That was a leak within the Salamanca organization.
  18. Absolutely love this show. IMO, this season is awesome. I was so blown away (no pun) that I happened to play the scene back for my son, who was walking by my TV right after it played. He also thought it was very cool. It was definitely the best gun scene, and reaction from an actor that I have seen in quite a while. The reaction he had after the fact, and damage to the vehicle was spot on also [emoji736].

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  19. Here you go:

    View: https://youtu.be/mmMXOyk5GPg

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  20. Yeah, it has the whispering silencer gun and everyone shoots at a hillside, wasting bullets, then people get shot from 12 different angles by one guy. Great scene.
  21. Thanks for the clip, I thought AMC would pull any clips down.
  22. All kinds of weird stuff on YouTube.

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  23. No whispering silencer gun. Watch it again, particularly the first couple of shots. As would be true of any supersonic round fired from a distance you heard the impact and then a split second later the report.

    And it looked to me like all the shots came from someone firing from the same distant hill. Some got shot in the chest, some in the back, but they were all firing at the same hill and getting shot from the same direction.
  24. Thanks for that clip. I went looking and found a couple, but I wasn't sure which one you were talking about. :2gun: Gotta love a good gunfight!
  25. Shooting the tires out was a nice touch.

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  26. I don't watch much tv, but I did watch all of Breaking Bad and I've watched all of Better Call Saul. This season is great, I thought the show was disappointing until this season.
  27. Which season are you seeing?

  28. You had to notice Mike taking the tracking bug that was hidden in Saul’s gas cap, one of his trademarks.
  29. Man I blew through Ozark in no time. Gonna be another year now. It was excellent, though.
  30. Ah, I did notice...........but did not put it together, good call
  31. Great episode. The only thing I would have done differently, is maybe wait for the Bronco to stop, and the driver to get out, and THEN shoot the driver??? Then they would have a vehicle to drive out of the dessert in... But hey.. Maybe there is a reason they are supposed to continue walking after having just shot up the only drive-able vehicle within 100 miles.. and without water.. and carrying $7M in cash.. during the heat of the day..
  32. Mike was faster with a bolt-action than Lee Harvey Oswald with a Carcano M91/38 or a WWII German infantryman with an MG-42.
  33. You mean with all the experts here those shots well placed and times. it took him awhile to get all. i guess if he had a ten shot Dragunov it would have been faster.... Don't think so.and the bad guys are just bad guys paid hired guns to shoot everyplace up and try and get out. You could see the panic when the first two got hit. And one tries to get the money stupid move there why, He was a way off. they got to hear the shot after they got hit. and shooting thru window or car works. Probably had some A.P. rounds just in case. it was well done. edgeofdarknessscene2.jpg
  34. So how did Mike get set up so fast in his sniper’s hide ?
  35. I think you must have missed something because Mike is working for the Chicken Dude and the set him up to go to prison but as it turned out he was just as dangerous in prison, so now they decided to spring him on bail so he can get out of prison so Mike can now KILL HIM! GET IT?
  36. Was that a Taurus wheel gun he had?
  37. I think Mike carries a SP101.
  38. I think the Bronco guy was just going to run him over. That's what I would have done.
  39. Any one else notice the "breath" Mike took just before the final shot to the Bronco?

    I thought it was a nice touch for his accuracy with the Remington 700.

  40. Kind of a one sided gunfight. Mike sure is bad arse for a guy that looks 100 years old.
  41. Mike is definitely the guy you want on your side.
  42. Looks like a 629 44 magnum to me
  43. :agree:

    Smith & Wesson Model 629 Performance Center .44

  44. Yeah, Pinkman has a SP101 in Breaking Bad.

    We're re-watching Breaking Bad.
  45. And when he used the mark 23's suppressed that was nice, Remember Old warriors ain't got time for playing they will just kill you quickly....Saul and B.B. One of the best shows in our time giphy.gif
  46. Looks like Lalo’s idea was to jump bail.
    Poor Kim let on that she’s aware of what’s going on.....She B involved now....