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Best USAF experience

  1. Basic Training - Confidence course was fun.

    Security Forces Academy - All the cool guns we shot and going into town.

    Active Duty - The life long friends I made.

    Veteran - No trips to really hot places with lots of sand and having to wear MOPP gear, although some people lost weight in those suits :supergrin:
  2. My best experience was and shall remain classified. You know how it is.
  3. My best experience was the entire 21 years that past so fast.
    Looking back, it seems it was just the blink of an eye.
  4. Yes. Basic and tech school seemed to take 10 years to get through, but the following 10 just blew past.
  5. I was Gen Tommy Franks' Aircraft Crew Chief from mid 2000 to early 2002.
    On September 11, 2001 we landed at a location overseas for a routine
    AOR trip. Little did we know but about four hours later the Twin Towers were struck.
    We departed for the US in the early morning hours of 12 Spetember 2001.
    We were one of only 12 aircraft airborne that day in United States airspace over Washington DC.
  6. The best? There were really thousands of them, the friends, the bars, the fun....I really can't single just one out.
    Now the worst would be a lot easier but, I don't like thinking or talking about them.
  7. tech school was fun but the best was the going away parties and welcome to the squadron ones every two weeks. a great reason for a drunk fest
  8. The Best: The first 18yrs.
    The Worst: The last 2yrs.
  9. basic had some good memories but by far the best times ive had have been out in the missile field, driving from site to site, usualy in a blizard haha
  10. Looking back the best were the 5 years I spent at Eaker (Blytheville) AFB AR. Had a lot of good times, working wasn't really work. Giant Sword, EST and ABGD FTX's at Little Rock. Sad thing is we couldn't wait to get out of there and none of us knew how good we had it til it closed and we moved on!
  11. Some of my best experiences involved deployments to Kuwait pre 9/11 (around the 1999-2000 time frame). Back then, we used to be able to venture out to the markets without any problems. I remember being able to visit <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:placeName w:st="on">Kuwait</st1:placeName> <st1:placeType w:st="on">City</st1:placeType> and dined at a restaurant in one of the towers right off of the <st1:place w:st="on">Mediterranean</st1:place>. I was impressed with that region as it was a nicer area of the country, where as most of it was littered with trash or dead camels along the side of the road, Bedouins tending flocks of sheep, and things left over from the first gulf war. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

    After 9/11, deployments to the mideast were more frequent and quite tumultous, particularly in the past couple of years.

  12. I deployed to Kuwait late 02 early 03. The first weekend we were there, they had an off base trip. I decided not to go because I was tired, thinking I could just go the next weekend. That week they shut down off base travel. I never did get to see Kuwait City. :(
  13. Funniest memory-
    Basic Training. 323rd... SSgt Listenbee walks in after we finished our cleaning and showering after PT and took a huge dump in the latrine and blames it on us. I couldnt help but to laugh my ass off.

    Best memory-
    Sitting at Ft. Hood for .50 cal school on the range. apparently their ranges have herds of cattle on them... free roaming cattle.

    Worst memory-
    Stuck at the same base the whole time. Ok, so im glad I didnt end up at Minot or some missle base, but Randolph AFB, a headquarters base for EVERYTHING apparently. All we did was look pretty. nothing ever happened there.. ever. For SF, that sucked.
  14. I was at Randolph a few weeks ago...I can see it being mostly an LE base for SF. And since it is the AFPC base, I'm sure a good deal of it is political.
  15. oh yeah... 13 assigned Generals to a base no larger than your local shopping center...
  16. At that point, the mission seems to be more about making sure your uniform is heavily starched and your shoes shined rather than any type of force protection.

    I remember we had a base commander who implimented a policy where SF patrols and gate guards had to wear their blues. That didn't last long after 9/11.
  17. Best?

    See avatar at left.
  18. you are exactly right. everyday there was someone on the gate that was in dress blues with an M-4. in 120 degree weather, it sucked.

  19. Wow, you named dropped, I remember when that TI lost a strip for have "relations" with a trainee and she was hot even the women wanted to do her :supergrin:.
  20. i am unaware of this. PM me some details!
  21. Basic Training blew at the 3708 BMTS. Met a good group of guys that we later went across base to the Security Police Academy. Had a wonderful time and visiting San Antonio and the hotels. :)
    Air Base Ground Defense rocked but hated Ft. Dixx, New Jersey.

    +10 for TSA cause I ended up going to a missile base and it totally sucked and caused me to choose a career change and leave the Air Force.

    Would love to be back at Aviano Air Base, Italy. Many pleasurable experiences there.
  22. Best - My 2 years at RAF Lakenheath 82-84

    Worse - My 2 years at Blytheville, AR. 84-86
  23. Easy, best and worst were the same place, the same day. Landing at Travis AFB in June 1970. If you gotta ask, you wouldn't understand.
  24. The years I spent in the 429 ECS working on the EF-111A as a Comm, Nav, ECM Journeyman
  25. Tons of flying experiences. I'll always remember my last T-38 solo ride just before I graduated from undergraduate pilot training. After doing about 15 minutes of acro I rolled out level to check the gages and decided I had just enough fuel to return to base and shoot three touch and goes and a full stop. The base was directly behind me.

    I decided to do a split S to get headed back to base. But I had misread the altimeter by 10,000 feet. I was pointed straight at the ground when I thought the ground looked a little too close.

    A quick glance in the cockpit revealed my mistake. Quicker than it takes to tell, I pulled both throttles to idle, popped the speed brake, looked at the fuel gage and saw I could pull 7 1/3 G's without over stressing the plane, and set the G meter on 7 1/3 G's. Then I looked outside to see if I was going to pull out of it OK. Fortunately I pulled out with room to spare.

    That was the last time I ever misread an altimeter. (In my defense it was the old style altimeter, which was very easy to misread.) I sure didn't tell anybody about that experience for awhile.
  26. where was that at?
  27. Laughlin AFB Texas.
  28. Total of 26 years...it was all good!
  29. The best?
    The date of my enlistment until the time of this post.
  30. Best times=
    getting all 4 HMMWV tires off the ground
    The first time we took hostile fire "hey guys, are we getting shot at?"
    The day I learned I made E-4 BTZ, the day I learned I made E-5
    Fireteam leader in the missile field
    Some NFL cheerleaders visited Balad, exciting! Then being told my squad had to patrol to SAM and IDF footprint for the duration of their visit. (sarcasm...)
    Some Iraqi kid trying to trade his cow to me for my sunglasses, pen, and M4.

    Probably tons more, I've had the best times of my life and met the best people I could ever ask to encounter while enlisted.
  31. Lots of good to outweigh the bad.

    Oddly enough, best memory is sitting in my rig at OP-13 at YTC, waiting for a passing thunderstorm so that we could do CAS training again. Just the quiet, austere environment, pallet humming along, lightning strikes on the knuckles a few miles away. Rainier clear to the west. Wondering if I would get electrocuted since I left the antennas up. But wonderfully peaceful.
  32. +1 on this. Seems like I just got started and one day I was retired. Now I have been retired longer than I was in. :fred:
  33. Best = enlisted USAF July 1961
    Worst = Basic training in TX July to Sept. 1961
    Best = promoted to E3 with 8 months and 3 weeks time in grade 1962
    Worst = still E3 when discharged in Feb 1965
    Best got GI bill for education and housing help
    Now = use VA for my health care = getting old
  34. LMAO, hopefully you had your leotard on...:tongueout:

    acrobatics plural of ac·ro·bat·ics
    Gymnastic feats.

    I have always given my students a ration a crap for calling it that. I think my highlight was getting to FAC(A) one of my former T-37 students flying A-10's in Korea...or it could be any number TDY's to Nellis.
  35. Agree with all of that.
  36. Clinical at Davis Monthan, AZ Was a good time.
  37. I was headed to Cairo West for a Bright Star flying in style in a C5. We lost an engine on take off. During in-flight refuel we lost another engine. The pilots decide to land in Rota Spain and sucked some birds into one of the remaining engines while landing. There are no C5 parts or mechanics in Rota. Mechanics and engines had to be flown in and it was a 5 day wait on them. Another 4 days to swap the engines. One engine did not pass QA and we basically got another week in Rota on full per diem while staying in the BOC and on the economy.

    We finally make it to Cairo. We have a full bird with our group. He does not do anything but run the grill at lunch time cooking hamburgers and hotdogs so we don't have to eat MRE's at lunch - he is retiring in 90 days after the end of the mission so he is the most laid back officer I have ever seen. The camp intramurals for volleyball are in full swing and it comes down to us and the fire department for the championship. We blow away the fire department and they are not happy. The next day during our lunchtime BBQ the firetruck rolls up to our gate. The Fire Department Chief hollers out to the Colonel who has his blouse and hat off while working the grill. The Chief and the Colonel are talking through the fence and it starts to get heated as the Colonel informs the Chief that he doesn't have a good grasp on the situation and he is not going to come through our gate to shut down our grill. The Chief went nuts and somewhere in his tirade he called the Colonel "Sergent". The Colonel took it and when the Chief drew a breath the Colonel said he would grab his blouse and come out the ECP so he and the Chief could escalate it. He put his blouse and hat on while in the ECP and when he walked out all of the color that was in the Chief's face drained when he saw those birds. The Chief snapped a salute, apologized for the misunderstanding, and told us to have a good BBQ. Fun times in JCSE.
  38. Being stationed at RAF Croughton 1981-1983
  39. Meeting my wife, a fellow SP.
  40. Back in the 70's we did a lot of drinking so its kinda hazy. It seemed the worse place they sent you the more fun you had.
  41. My sis was nurse at Lackland. She told be the OBGYN area had newly painted delivery rooms. Seems some rank found out it was better for mother/child.
    So they had to deal with issues of guys painting rooms, ladders...... But finally done.
    Couple weeks later she was ticked. Seems some General had a office that he could see hospital/OB side.
    He could tell that rooms were not uniform color. So he ordered them all painted the same.
    So another couple weeks of dealing with painters, ladders, fumes.....
    That and being named in lawsuit when she was 2000 miles away form hospital when pt was admitted, to discharge. She had to travel to give depo "I don't know, as I was far far away the entire time"
  42. Sometime in 1972, I wish i knew the date.We were searching for trucks or anything else along the roads and trails in Viet Nam. Our load was 560 40mm and 3500, 20mm rounds. On an AC130 A model gunship other than tweaking the guns when we first started had not fired a shot.
    We were working our way back to our base in Ubon Thailand when we get a call to go to a fire camp. We arrived over the camp and took up an orbit. We informed the i believe an Army Captain that was on the ground that we only had 15 min of fuel and would have to RTB. we put down some rounds around the perimeter of the fence. When the Captain called up and said shoot the camp the VC were through the fence. Whatever time was remaining the only ammo on board were for our sidearms. As soon as we rolled out I disconnected my headset and went up front to help clean up the 20MM brass and links. I was still shoving brass when we touched down.
    At the time I never thought about asking anyone what the outcome was. And never really thought about it for a couple of years latter. Now I wish I would have. Of my 135 combat missions at that time. That is only mission that for a better term haunts me in not knowing the outcome..
  43. Start to finish -- all 24 years
  44. My best USAF experience (1969-73) was when as a young man I reached a certain point of maturity where I realized that my job was important and started to take it seriously because I provided support for those who were on the front lines.

    But I had some good times, too, and met some people and went places that I'll always remember. Eventually I moved to the place where I had been stationed right out of Tech school and had liked the area and I'm living there now.