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    Dec 16, 1999
    My sis was nurse at Lackland. She told be the OBGYN area had newly painted delivery rooms. Seems some rank found out it was better for mother/child.
    So they had to deal with issues of guys painting rooms, ladders...... But finally done.
    Couple weeks later she was ticked. Seems some General had a office that he could see hospital/OB side.
    He could tell that rooms were not uniform color. So he ordered them all painted the same.
    So another couple weeks of dealing with painters, ladders, fumes.....
    That and being named in lawsuit when she was 2000 miles away form hospital when pt was admitted, to discharge. She had to travel to give depo "I don't know, as I was far far away the entire time"
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    Oct 14, 2000
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    Sometime in 1972, I wish i knew the date.We were searching for trucks or anything else along the roads and trails in Viet Nam. Our load was 560 40mm and 3500, 20mm rounds. On an AC130 A model gunship other than tweaking the guns when we first started had not fired a shot.
    We were working our way back to our base in Ubon Thailand when we get a call to go to a fire camp. We arrived over the camp and took up an orbit. We informed the i believe an Army Captain that was on the ground that we only had 15 min of fuel and would have to RTB. we put down some rounds around the perimeter of the fence. When the Captain called up and said shoot the camp the VC were through the fence. Whatever time was remaining the only ammo on board were for our sidearms. As soon as we rolled out I disconnected my headset and went up front to help clean up the 20MM brass and links. I was still shoving brass when we touched down.
    At the time I never thought about asking anyone what the outcome was. And never really thought about it for a couple of years latter. Now I wish I would have. Of my 135 combat missions at that time. That is only mission that for a better term haunts me in not knowing the outcome..

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    Start to finish -- all 24 years
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    My best USAF experience (1969-73) was when as a young man I reached a certain point of maturity where I realized that my job was important and started to take it seriously because I provided support for those who were on the front lines.

    But I had some good times, too, and met some people and went places that I'll always remember. Eventually I moved to the place where I had been stationed right out of Tech school and had liked the area and I'm living there now.