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Best solution for a red dot.

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Looking at finally adding a red dot to one of glocks. Thinking my gen3 g23 for the idpa season and then move it to my g20 for hunting season. Not looking to cut slides yet just wanna get my feet wet. Vortex venom 3 moa is my current optic choice with a Trijicon RMR dual illumination if this ends up being a permanent switch. Looking at the Suarez universal “L” mount or the outer impact universal mount. Reviews are lacking on both. EGW is recommended by vortex and may be another option. Iron sights aren’t big to me for this part of the experiment. So pros and cons based on first hand experience is requested and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Got it. You're going to end up wanting a milled slide if you stay with things. I have a couple for my RMRs and they're rock solid. Good luck with your experiment, and remember that there's a learning curve to new technology.
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