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I was walkin in the woods in the northern United states taking wild life photos and photos of the countryside. Lucky for me my father was from Kentucky and had aways told me when walking in the woods carry a good shotgun and 3 rounds of oo buckshot. And on that day I had his Browning BPS pump action 12 gauge with 28inch vented barrel. I was minding my own buisness when out of nowhere a 500 pound brown bear came out of brush. I droped my camera and started yelling at the top of lungs BAD BEAR and at the same time backing off as fast and as safely as i could, when he charged. I raised my shot gun and fired hitting him right in the head, he dropped leke a rock. Just showing shot placement is key.

david wright

Favorit buckshot Winnchester Express oo buck 1750+fps 3"MAG

The problem is that in bear language "BAD BEAR" means 'dinner time.':crying:
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