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Best price on New Glock Factory mags?

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Anyone? Ive been browsing and will post the best price i can find...
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so far this is the best I could find...19.99
that looks like the best price around. Closest I've found were on sale sometimes at glockmeister for the same price. Right now they are on sale but are still 23 bucks.
Nice find! That's why I love this forum. Placing my order right now
Just purchased three from the above link and entered stimulus for a coupon code and got ten percent off for a total of $64 shipped. Not bad!
sweet thx for the coupon code I was just about to hit buy when i refreshed and found it ... ha ha
so far this is the best I could find...19.99
I have never used this firm. But some people have good luck and some people have horror stories and I mean horror stories. Before you order from them I would do a search.
+1 for botachtactical..... ordered 2 G23 mags for 19.95 a piece plus the "stimulus" 10% discount.
didnt know that .... my order has already been placed... I will def let yall know when I get em
Thanks all. Just ordered 3 for myself. :mememe:
I was looking all over the web for 10 rnd mags for my Glock 30 only found one place that had them and that was, they came today both mags with shipping and insurance were $64.00 not too bad for two hard to find Glock factory mags i thought, if anyone knows somewhere better, lemme know you can never have too many mags i say
How much is shipping?

shipping will depend on where it's going but for me was $10. if you use the coupon code and get 3 or more mags it's pretty much free shipping
Gunbroker has a wide assortment of them all the time.
just wanted to update this thread, i did recieve my mags from Botach. They were $21.33 a piece, still the best price i can find. Took about 5 buisness days to get them and they are factory mags with the latest parts. Awsome service! I would highly reccommend this site for mag purchases
Thanks for the info
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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