Best Price on LG-417?

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Found a website via google that has 90 ratings and a 4.9 out of 5 stars that has the Crimson Trace LG-417's for just under $240 WITH shipping. Anyone found a better price than that? I'd post up the link, however I don't want to get in trouble with our sponsors, and being new to the forum, not sure on the rules on this. If you've found a better deal on this please let me know. I'm thinking this would be an awesome tool. has the unit listed for $299.99 and none of the local gun shops around me have it in stock.

    Also, anyone that has this laser, have anything to say about it. I found quite a few threads on here saying they were waiting for this model to come out, and the front activation only makes sense to me. Would like to hear the good, bad, and the Ugly.
    I was looking at getting a LaserMax, however after reading into it, I'm not sure I want an inferior guide rod spring in my Glock, especially if I do Conceal Carry with it later.
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