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Best pocket guns?

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After carrying my Glock 43 in a pocket with a pocket holster, I realize it is just a bit too big for the task. What are your favorite pocket guns in .380 or 9mm? I used to have a Bodyguard .380 and I sold it intending to get a Glock 42, but I now feel like a 42 may be too big for pocket carry, as the 43 is just a hair bigger and feels massive for the task. Should I just get another Bodyguard? I don't want a Ruger, and Kahr seems to be hit or miss.
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how do you feel the P380 works versus the PM9 for pocket?

Most of what I've read about Kahr is they may have break-in issues which may or may not be fixed by breaking-in, which the company may or may not decide to cover...
It pocket carries much nicer than the PM9. The smaller size is nice, but the weight savings is most substantial.

As for Kahr, I've owned 5 that have all been perfect with no break-in needed. Friends and relatives have owned another half dozen with zero issues. These have been all polymer frames except 1 T9 and 1 K40covert. I'd ignore the naysayers and try one for yourself. They are surprisingly accurate and have great triggers.

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All the good choices were already called:

#1 Glock 42 - could be a hair too long, depending on the pocket (e.g. I've got some jeans where the rear pocket is too short for G42 in vallet holster; others are okay, but G42 is definitely a front pocket gun)

#2 Kahr CW380 - almost the thinniest of the bunch, if you don't count Pico

#3 Ruger LCP

#4 S&W Bodyguard

That's pretty much it... There are a few others like the aforementioned Pico, Curve (or TCP), even M380. Some people pocket-carry PF-9, Shield, and other small 9mm guns. Even P290(RS) and Cheetah.

Just two notes:

1. Kahr and Ruger have +1 factory equivalents
2. If you are okay with the old manual of arms with safety, have a look at P328. It's outstanding. Personally I don't use it for EDC due to massive training requirements, but keep it in mind.

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I've been carrying my first gen LCP in a plain leather pocket holster in my rear pants pocket every day for the last three years. You hardly know it's there. It's fairly easy to get to and is easy to draw from the pants pocket where the holster remains.
I've never had one malfunction from this LCP in almost 1000 rounds. I added the Hogue Handall grip and a 13 pound spring to mine. The handall makes a huge difference. You will find it easy to install and you will find it much easier to shoot with the handall in place. Good luck!

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