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Best non-iPod MP3 player for under $200

  1. Just like the title says, I am looking for the best MP3 player that isn't an iPod for under $200.

    The only reason I specified non-iPods is because while I am considering one, I didn't want a bunch of "Just get a XXgig iPod and be done with it" posts.

    I am REALLY interested in the Samsung Helix that acts as a portable XM receiver in addition to storing mp3's, but I am waiting to see if/how badly they neuter Opie and Anthony before I drop that kind of coin.

    So, please suggest an mp3 player for me. I am comfortable working with mainstream programs, but less comfortable in getting into some of the more involved stuff.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. usually getting something less than $200 will definitely have smaller drive capacity and you'll be PO'd when you start running out of room for all your tunes.

    if you go to newegg.com you can get a Creative Zen Vision M 60GB player for $264, but you get a $30 rebate putting it at $234. but you have to order before may 29 for the rebate. the large capacity is definitely worth the extra $35.


    i just ordered one the other night to replace my Toshiba Gigabeat 10GB player and should probably be here by tomorrow.

  3. Just get a refurbed iPod and be done with it.
  4. I bought the Rave MP3 player from Computer Geeks for 39.99. It had 256 MB regular memory which holds about 8 hours of music. I just put a 512 MB card in the expansion slot. I have most of the music I own on it which is quite a lot.
    I don't like IPOD's either. They charge way too much for what it is. In the end, you're just paying for the name.
  5. I have the Sandisk 256mb... I like it because it has an FM tuner in it.

    They make a 4gb for $199 retail.

    I like to use the WMA format. I can make the files really small and I cannot tell the difference.
  6. Ditto, but I have the 4gig E200($140 at Wal Mart), which is more than enough for me. I really like it. I had a few problems getting it to work under Linux, but found my answers with a little Googling..

    I don't use WMA, and don't use the video feature, but it sounds great with my mp3s. I almost bought a refurbed Ipod Nano, but saw this one and it was kind of a spur of the moment purchase.

  7. 4gig refurb iPod nano (new style with aluminum case) is currently $149 at the Apple store...

    Or a 30Gig 5th generation full-size video iPod (current style) for $199...

    Oh, but wait, aren't iPod's overpriced?... you can get a full-on iPod for $50 LESS than the el cheapo sandisk offering.
  8. Whats your issue with the sandisk? I'm not saying the IPOD is/isn't better, I really don't know. I'm really happy with my sandisk..

  9. Some people have issues with off brand items. My Mom has a Sandisk and loves it. My little Rave has been a great MP3 player. So long as you like it, thats all that matters.
  10. I was kinda an anti-Ipod person myself...until I broke down and got the 30gb Ipod Video and I love it :p Actually just picked up a 2gb Nano for my son. I love em both :)

    Friend of mine has one of the Creative Zens and hasn't had a problem though. Just depends on what ya want ;)
  11. Sorry, didn't mean to suggest there was something wrong with the SanDisk product - it's actually a very solid product, and everyone I know who has one likes it quite well.

    I should have put 'el cheapo' product in quotes - Sandisk has historically promoted its products at price points that made them an excellent 'value choice'.

    I was attempting (poorly) to note the irony of the 'value' product being $50 more expensive than the 'premium' product of similar specs.

    Costco offers several of the Sandisk line - I've got CF, SD and USB drive of theirs, and they seem to have a good handle on making solid products. I wouldn't describe them as 'off-brand'...