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Best Linear Compensator for AR Pistol? (Poll)

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Just built my first AR pistol and was wonder if you guys had any experience with the following linear compensators. Let's face it AR Pistols are loud as hell so I would like to find one that pushes that sound down range. I know that linear comps are not meant to be flash hiders, but I was wondering if any of you know if any of my choices would suppress the flash better than the other? Here are my choices so far..

Kineti Tech Steel Brake Comp -

Black River Tactical Covert Comp -

Simple Threaded Devices STD5.56 -

Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp -

Any others you would suggest that would direct sound down range and not shoot a huge fireball?
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Oops guess I jacked up the poll.. Oh well. Suggestions?
STD , just bought one ,it really helps direct the sound downrange...
Does it do anything with the flash? They claim it reduces it from a standard a2
Yes , it does help
Yes , it does help
BRT's work very well but your best option would be to suppress it! :)
I put a KAK muzzle device on mine. I didn't think it was too loud behind the trigger but friends off on the side said it was loud. Sounded like it worked to me and it was $30.
I too have the KAK any works well one thing to note is that if you live in a state where you have to pin and weld the KAK is Aluminum and some shops will not pin and weld.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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