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Best Guide Rod Assembly and Trigger Connector for G17.4

  1. Looking for recommendations on best guide rod/recoil assembly for Glock 17 gen 4. Looking to go the tungsten route. Also, any recs on trigger connectors. Would like to go down to about 3.5-4. I’ve read the Ghost products are hit and miss
  2. The best recoil spring assembly is the OEM one. Tungsten adding weight to reduce recoil is pretty much a myth. Save you money and just buy ammo and shoot. As far as connector, I use the Zev ones.
  3. ^^^^^^Amen!
  4. Factory Glock RSA hands down.

    Connectors are very subjective for the individual. If you are new to Glocks I would recommend getting a few thousand rounds down the pipe first. Get used to shooting a stock Glock trigger and then experiment with different connectors to know which one fits your shooting style. If you don’t have a lot of time with a Glock, what you like will probably change as you get more experience with the system.

    A lot of connectors feel great to one shooter and mushy to another. It really is a personal thing.