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Best dog food?

  1. Puppy and adult food.

    I know there has to be a post on this already but I couldn't find it.
  2. IAM's is the best.
  3. I'm sorry, but Iams is horrible for your dog. Iams and most "grocery store brands" use alot of by-products in there foods. They are basically just fillers and have no nutritional value. You want a food that has good animal proteins along with a good grain protein. Here is a list of some good foods to feed your dogs/cats.

    Timberwolf Organics
    Natural Balance
    Wellness Super5Mix Hormone
    Life’s Abundance
    Raw diet - boil chicken and other meats and mix with boiled veggies/rice
  4. FWIW, I've had two different vets recommend Pedigree for commercial dog food. They tried to convince me that Science Diet was the best but given the cost, I said that I needed a more economical choice. That's when they said if you're gonna feed 'em the stuff you can buy in stores, they'd choose Pedigree.

    I've used it for my lab for 9 years now and he's always had a full, shiny coat and good teeth. Not saying it's the best, but again, IME, it's a good choice.
  5. After posting this question I did a little more searching on the web.

    On some of the working dog sites, DVP, Sams Club Exceed Professional and Kirland scored high.
  6. Try Solid Gold.

    Available at most Pet Supermarkets and pretty good stuff.
  7. This sounds like a canine version of the Ford vs Chevy, different brands of oil, debate. Everyone has their favorites & you won't change their mind.
  8. +1.

    my parent's first Golden was fed purina or some fairly generic store brand. lived 14 years.

    their second Golden was fed some higher brand "great" dog food, for a lot more money. lived less than 10 years.

    was it the food? was it coincidence? was it other factors? who knows...but i'm going to worry less about the food i feed my pup than the attention and 'regular maintenance' aspect of things...
  9. Just choose a brand that doesn't start the ingredient list with corn, corn meal, or anything else that would be considered a filler. Get a brand that starts out with chicken, beef, or lamb by product, and you will be good to go! I don't know if Sam's Exceed is the best, but for the money, it's hard to beat!
  10. :goodpost:

    If you have the time, read the link below.

  11. After doing alot of research on this, I feed our Yellow Lab Canidae and Natural Balance. Both are readily available and are top-rated.
  12. Both are fantastic foods. I'm sure your pup is happy, healthy and shiny!
  13. She is indeed. She seems to have no preference between either brand when it comes to dry kibble. But, she clearly prefers Natural Balance's canned offerings. I mix both brands of dry and give her all 7 varieties of Natural Balance canned.
  14. Been feeding my poodle Royal Canin...she seems to like it and that's what the breeder was feeding her before we got her.

    Probably not the best, but she looks good and is in good health and likes it.
  15. Royal Canin is a well-rated food from what I remember.
  16. For the last 2 years of my old Landseer Newfoundland's life my wife made her own food for him.
    She cooked this in the crock pot and a good 5 pound pot roast, with potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic & sweet potato with a little nettle leaf and parsley and was good for 45 helpings of homemade goodness along with a cup of "Wolf" brand kibble (from the vet).
  17. IMO "Timberwolf Organics" is the best. The Whole Dog Journal just had a list of recommended foods for 2007 (you can check out).

    My German Shepherd loves TWO. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, it may be a little rich.

    Good luck


    P.S. Stay away from all grocery store foods. Really research the foods. There is so much better food out there for our dogs and cats.
  18. geez, this sounds good enough for me to eat! (well, we might leave out the kibble)

  19. canidae, natural balance
  20. I couldn't agree more.
  21. I feed my dogs Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul.:thumbsup:
  22. If you live in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi or Oklahoma you should check out The Dinner Bowl (web site link below.) The Dinner Bowl supplies a line of raw pet foods - meat, bone, vegetables - the most natural, healthy diet for dogs. No additives, preservatives or fortifiers added. They deliver fresh frozen packed in 40 lb boxes via UPS. Top of the line, used by breeders, great stuff.

    The Dinner Bowl
  23. Great dog foods! At the super premium level, you really can't go wrong.

    My Plato as his cancer progressed couldn't keep down anything but wellness duck and potato. Wellness and solid gold can't be beat.
  24. Wow,

    My dogs are off Eukanuba!
  25. Good idea :) I used to feed our cat Eukanuba before I did any research and knew better.
  26. I like pj's list with one addition.. Royal Canin's Sensible Choice. I also agree that everyone has thier preference and I'm not gonna try to change you mind.. But, I will say this.. do alittle research and then decide.. We aren't experts by any means ok, but for what it's worth, have four german shepherds and we do everything from thearpy training to AKC obedience to schutzhund. Believe me ok, what and how you feed really can make all the difference.


  27. Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul

    They have puppy, adult, and senior formulas. It is very highly rated. I switched from Iams to Chicken Soup on a vets recommendation. Iams, however, is quality stuff.
  28. I have my dog on chicken soup as well. Good stuff, and a lot cheaper than all the other stuff I used to feed him. It is amazing how much cheaper good dog food is if you go to a feed store instead of a pet store.
  29. Whole Dog Journal has done its annual review of Dog Foods, and the results were pretty interesting. Out of the 100's of dog foods you may find at any given pet supply store, only 55 made the recommended list. I'll list them for you here. Please note that WDJ lists them in alphabetical order, which says nothing about which food may be better for your dog. In parenthesis, are the recommended formulas but that doesn't mean other formulas from the same companies are bad.

    Addiction Foods (Wild Kangaroo & Apples Formula)
    Artemis (Power Formula)
    Azmira (Classic Formula)
    Back to Basics (Chicken Formula)
    Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine (Holistic Natural Formula)
    Blue Buffalo (Chicken Formula)
    Burns (Brown Rice & Ocean Fish Formula)
    by Nature Brightlife (Brightlife Canine Formula)
    by Nature Organics (Chicken Formula)
    California Natural (Chicken Meal & Rice Formula)
    Canidae (All Life Stages Formula)
    Canine Caviar (Lamb & Pearl Millet Formula)
    Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul (Adult Dog Formula)
    Cloud Star Kibble (Holistic Kibble Formula) [is a baked food]
    Drs. Foster & Smith (Lamb Formula)
    Eagle Pack Holistic Select (Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Formula)
    Evanger's Super Premuim (Pheasant & Brown Rice Formula)
    Evolve (Maintenance Formula)
    Firstmate Dog Food (Ultra Premium Naturally Holistic Formula)
    Foundations (Chicken & Vegetable Formula)
    Fromm Four Star Nutritionals (Chicken a la Veg Formula)
    Go! Natural (Chicken, Fruit & Vegetable Formula)
    Innova Evo [this is a grain-free meal]
    Karma Organic [actually includes organic chicken, unlike many claims from other products]
    Lick Your Chops (Adult Maintenance Formula)
    Life4K9 (Oven-Baked Chicken & Barley Formula) [another baked one]
    Merrick Pet Care (Cowboy Cookout Formula)
    Natural Balance Organic (Organic Formula)
    Natural Balance Ultra Premuim (Ultra Premium Formula)
    Newman's Own Organics
    NutriSource (Adult Formula)
    Organix (Organix Canine Formula)
    Petguird Organic (Organic Vegetarian Formula)
    Performatrin Ultra (Chicken Formula)
    PHD Viand (Canine Growth and Maintenance Viand Formula)
    Pinnacle (Trout and Sweet Potato Formula)
    Prairie (New Zealand Venison Formula)
    Premium Edge (Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Formula)
    Prime Life Plus (Prime Life Plus Formula)
    Raw Instinct [also a grain-free meal]
    Royal Canin Natural Blend (Medium Breed Adult Formula)
    Royal Canin Veterinary Diet (Potato & Rabbit Formula) [alleged prescription-only diet]
    Showbound Naturals (Chicken & Brown Rice Formula)
    Timberwolf Organics
    Ultra Holistic Nutrition (Ultra Adult Dry)
    VeRUS (VeRUS Advanced OptiCoat Diet)
    Wellness (Fish & Sweet Potato Formula)
    Wellness Simple Food Solutions (Venison Formula)
    Wysong (Anergen Formula)
    Zinpro (Skin & Coat Formula)
  30. For dry kibble, Timberwolf or inova are my choices. Timberwolf is slightly more expensive but my dog likes it much better. Whole foods raw patties are certanly the best you could possibly feed to your cainine, if you can shell out the cash.
  31. Costco frozen fryer chicken and home-made veggie-slop.