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Best Camo ??

Discussion in 'GATE Survival & Preparedness' started by KSNAKE, Mar 7, 2010.



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    Oct 17, 2009
    Hi, I was wondering what would be the best camo for in the forest and mountains?? Black , Realtree , the digital camo , older style camo?? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge

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    Oct 8, 2007
    Hi KSNAKE. I don't believe your question has any one definitive answer. Certainly there can be a wide range of environments you would find yourself in, in the forest and/or mountains.

    And it is really amazing to realize how many different major camo brands, let alone how many of each of those brands' patterns there are out there.

    So to a great extent it is a subjective choice you must make--and of course your budget will play a part in that.

    I've had questions like this on occasion before and I really like this particular site for a pretty comprehensive treatment of many of the camo choices out there:

    I especially like this piece of advice offered there that helps you feel good about your choice(s): “Rather than assuming you’re getting the job done, have someone film you with a video camera from several angles as they walk around your tree stand. Start from farther away and move closer just like a buck approaching your stand. You may even attempt to bring your bow up to full draw just to see how noticeable the motion is and whether or not your equipment glares in the sunlight. To view the scene the way a deer does play it back through your television with the screen set to monochrome (black and white).”