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Best Book on Shooting or Self Defense?

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If you could have only one pistol related book which one would it be and why?

My Selection:
Shooting to Survive, How to fight with a pistol by Tim Blakeley

  1. Comprehensive, I mean do you know the proper way to use a Glock if you run out of ammunition as a lethal impact weapon? see page 540, three proper ways to hand a loaded pistol to someone see page 181, returning fire after being sprayed with pepper spray page 515 vision impaired shooting, best way to stand up after falling or being knocked down and dropping your gun in a gunfight it's in there. Along with everything else from safety to cleaning and maintenance to reloading while injured and even caliber selection.

  2. Well researched and scholarly, 630 footnotes on the two combat shooting chapters alone. Maybe you agree maybe you disagree with Blakeley on things but he has done his research and has thousands of references and footnotes to prove it.

  3. This is the owners manual that should come with every Glock since it is the platform the book is based on. If you handed someone a Glock (name your preferred model) and this book and they diligently read it before firing a shot I think they would be way ahead of a good % of the people you see at the range on a Saturday afternoon in terms of safety and effectiveness.
So what is your choice? and Why?
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Massad Ayoob has written extensively on the subject. Not just about the fight itself, but about the legal aftermath.

Anything by him is recommended.
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