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Best 10MM self defense rounds available today.

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First Mas, thank you for your long service to the firearms community. I have enjoyed your writings for decades.

I have a Glock 29 that I CHL carry hunting, hiking and to and from those events. I loved the Winchester Silvertip load when it was still available. I have finally exhausted that last of my supply.
Are you aware of any currently available factory ammo that performs comparably? I have tried the Hornady options and they shoot well but seem to be designed for hunting rather than self defense levels of penetration. Any input would be appreciated.
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Trouble with 10mm was, its lack of popularity as a police gun greatly limited field experience with it. The 180 grain FBI load essentially mimicked .40 S&W in 180 grain. The Silvertip worked great but as you've found, is very hard to find. Anything in the 155-165 grain, 1300 foot-seconds range with a proven hollow point design should get the job done.
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