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Bersa TPR9, this one is seriously on my radar.

  1. Do any of bersa-tpr9-02-1200x628.jpg you know anything about this one? All steel and alloy uses Sig Sauer sights. Thanks, in advance!
  2. Full-length rails and looks like excellent workmanship. bersa-tpr9-01.jpg
  3. Dunno about the new Bersa but my CC .380, bought at a pawnshop for $175, nickel plated, runs 100 percent and shoots very well.

    Bersa seems to be inexpensive but works very well! Hope yours does to.
  4. Too many known guns in that price range for me.

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  5. They run well, but it is NOT excellent workmanship, they don’t even claim that. It’s a good second tier brand, in my opinion a notch or two above Taurus and with a much better track record.
  6. Slugo, Bersa has a good reputation. I had a CC380 that did great.

    Not sure I’d call it excellent workmanship, but they are a good budget option.
  7. Looks cool
  8. I've never bought a Bersa but have come close several times. They have the reputation of being a quality, reliable manufacturer.
  9. So long as it goes bang when it is supposed to, I have no criticism
  10. I have one Bersa (45) and am very happy with it.
  11. Man that things got levers all over the place!
    I am not a fan of ambi everything myself and like minimal controls especially if its a carry piece...
  12. I had a Bersa 9mm about 10 years ago. Thunder series I think it was. Good gun, reliable and fed the ammo I gave it.
  13. I don't know anything about the Bersa TPR9 but I use to own a Bersa Thunder 380. Here is a link to a Bersa gun forum. Someone there can probably answer your questions.

  14. [​IMG]
    Looking for one just like this

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  15. I personally like guns made in Argentina. I don't have a Bersa but just haven't found one in a pawn shop I want. I buy a lot of second hand firearms. I have an Argentinian Hi Power, a Ballester-Molina 45 ACP,and an Argentinian 1891 Mauser. All are excellent shooters!
    Ballester Molina 45.jpg K38 Mauser.png -BHP.png
  16. TPR9 is just a slightly improved version of the Bersa Thunder 9mm which has been around for 25 years. Nothing great but it is a solid choice in its price range.
  17. A buddy of mine has one he carries for years, very reliable.
  18. I'm not much of a da/sa guy having only one and that's a 1988 s&w 669 ! But I like Bersa as a whole . Wife has a 15+1 thunder plus 380 and a 380CC version thats a smaller thunder model . A shooter friend has an older bersa da sa in 45 that's been a good defensive handgun .
  19. I've always found Bersa guns to be underrated. Reliable and built like tanks from my experiences.
  20. Recall, Bersa takes most of their nods from Walther.

    What you're see is the P88 levers-all over the place.

    The PPK and P88 are the majority of Bersa's starting places.
  21. One of the things I like better than Argentinian firearms are Argentinian women...just sayin':dancingbanana:[​IMG]
  22. The Thunder 9 is a loose copy of the P88 for sure.

    That said, the Walther is much more refined.
  23. This, I had a Thunder 9mm hicap, this appears to be a slightly updated version.
    I was happy with mine, a gritty trigger and not as polished as other choices but a very accurate pistol, and reliable. A clone of a Walther p88. Mags were pricey back then, and today they’re $50 so not much has changed.
    Bersa’s not quite the bargain they used to be but still seem to make good quality firearms. I think this is a better pistol than the PPK clone .380 Thunders.
    I’d also look at a Tristar (CZ clone) if you want a steel frame pistol for under $400.
  24. I've had good success with Bersa, wife's .380 Thunder Plus broke an extractor at under 50 rounds and they made it good, other than the gas to drive it to Gander Mountain was covered under warranty. Looking at it, was obviously a manufacturing defect.

    I had a compact 9mm, steel frame, don't remember the model number, but was a 13 round capacity, solid little chunk of whoopass. I shot it OK, but a friend shot it like it was on rails, swapped me a Rock Island Armory AR-15 his wife hated for it. He carries it to this day. I sold the AR-15 two days later, had a waiting list for it at the time.

    His wife's carry? A Thunder Combat Carry .380.

    If Ruger did not exist, suspect I would have more Bersas.