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Beretta PX4 Compact Carry Langdon Collab

  1. Almost 2 years ago I first heard about the PX4 Ernest Langdon Compact Carry collab model. Since then I've read a few articles, seen a few updates and haven't heard much else in comparison to Beretta's APX and the M9a3.

    The Compact Carry always sounded like the perfect version of the PX4 to me; only a snag free stealth decocker, no safety, low profile stealth slide stop lever, larger mag release, Talon grip, smoother DA and crisper SA trigger pull and nice bright front sight/plain rear sight to top it off. After all of this waiting I began to eventually lose hope.


    Until yesterday! Out of the blue I finally came across a Compact Carry in the wild. Naturally, I had to pick it up. I've been looking forward to this PX4 for a while and definitely wanted to check it out.

    I shot 217 rds through the PX4 CC today and wasn't disappointed :D Zero failures and the rotating barrel system handles recoil much better with 9mm than .45. It also fit very well in an AIWB Sticky holster I had on hand, something that I prefer the DA hammer for over my similar sized striker pistols. Some photos before the Talon grip was added.

    image2[178].JPG image3[177].JPG

    I've been so excited for this Compact Carry, I had even converted my old PX4 .45 SD into a similar full size version with only stealth decockers, stealth slide lock lever, D spring and improved front sight.


    Spec wise, it's the same height as my G19 gen4 at 5". Same frame/slide width at 1.2" as well (the slide stop lever on the PX4 is 1.4", but it wasn't noticeable IWB). The PX4 is 6.8" long where the G19 is 7.3". Both hold 15rds.
  2. Congrats.
    Very nice pick up.
  3. I assumed it came from the factory with the Talon grip already installed. I like those. They were a definite improvement to the Shield I used to have.
  4. I enjoyed my PX4 Storms.

    Interesting gun
  5. Nice looking gun, congrats. Ive owned a full size PX4 and the compact carry seems like it would work just fine for me.
  6. PX4s are excellent, and very underrated guns. Good to see this finally out in the wild. Congrats.
  7. This will be my first Talon grip so I'm excited to give it a go. I believe it came uninstalled since the pistol has three different size back straps to choose from.
  8. I saw one of these at Cabela's the other day. It is really nice.
  9. Nice pistol, congratulations!
  10. What was the cost?

    I like the modifications, but I don't like the MSRP.

    If street price is reasonable then I might just go for it. I already got the full size and subcompact.

  11. Cost? They are pricey. My LGS got in a pair. IIRC they were listed at $799. About $250 more than the standard one at the same store.
  12. I think I'll pass at that price point. All I really want is the small profile devolving only lever.