Brand new, out of package,
$25 each,,,

Beretta 96, 13 round 40 S&W mags,,, QTY. 3,,anti friction coating,, made by mec-gar,, same ones that come with new beretta's.

QTY 4,,,Kahr K40, 6 round flush fit,, in all 3.5" barrel models,, will work in 3" bbl models but protrude,, $25 each

Buy all 7 mags,, 10% off, or free shipping your choice

sig p320 9mm full cap mags, 15, 17, or 21 round
ETS sig 320 mags 30 or 40 round
Sig 226 40/357 mags. Mec-gar or sig oem
10.5" AR upper complete,
Cold steel fixed blade tanto 6" to 7.5" blades and or taipan
ZT 0452cf or 0450,
BM 15080,

5.56 ammo, 55-77gr, 9mm ammo 115, 124gr. Nato or M1152 MHS. at appx 50 cents per round,, insane pricing is over

Let me know what you propose on trades, I'm flexible

I sold both pistols long ago,, no need for them