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    Was a very smitten new owner of a Beretta Cheetah 85FS pistol, but then ran into some hiccups. I sent the below message to Beretta's support center tonight, and am hopeful that someone here can offer some input and help - maybe this is an easy fix...? Thanks!

    "I just purchased a New Beretta Cheetah 85FS Nickel pistol. I checked it in the store, worked the action and trigger several times and was very pleased. Came home with it, and continued this exercise of working the slide, the magazine, and the decock/safety lever to familiarize myself with their operation. Without dry-firing, I let the hammer down slowly during this time. However, I noticed that in a straight DA pull of the trigger, it will actuate and the hammer will fall, at the same time if the pistol is de-cocked and then followed by a DA pull of the trigger - the hammer will fall. But when the hammer is cocked back in SA mode, and the trigger is pulled, the trigger bar fails to catch and the trigger is pulled straight back with no resistance and no corresponding action from the
    hammer - much like as if the magazine was removed and the disconnect safety was engaged. When cocked back in SA mode, the trigger bar dips down to a level that is not completely parallel with the slide (as it operates in DA mode, the bar stays flat and parallel), and it does not rise back up to flat/parallel position so it can catch and drop the hammer. Preliminarily it would seem the spring acting with the trigger bar is far too weak.

    Please help me. This pistol has only been in my possession for hours, and initially I was extremely excited about it, but now I'm seriously wondering how I can trust the life of myself or my fiance on it if the trigger won't engage and drop the hammer when I really need it to.

    I've attached several photos, the first showing the trigger bar in position for a DA shot. The second is the trigger bar in position for a SA shot. The last one is simply showing the action of the trigger pulled all the way rear, and the trigger bar position, and lack of hammer action."

    Pics are below. When pulling the trigger you can hear a distinctive "click" or "slipping" sound. Help is appreciated!

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