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    Apr 25, 2004
    I'd like to get my son a Benelli left hand shotgun (Black Eagle or M2) for his 25th birthday. If I can buy a handgun off the internet, it only stands to reason shotguns are also available. The problem here is my ignorance on this topic.
    I have no special license and was wondering if I can buy online, can I have it sent to my home? Would the discount be great enough to bypass the dealer. Do I order one and have it sent to a licensed dealer? I have bought many things on line, but never ammo or a firearm. Does anyone have a good site to check out? I would appreciate any information you could give me.

    Thanks in advance..................
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    Dec 14, 2000
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    yes , yesy ,yes ,yes....

    You can buy one online and depending on the seller location and you "might" beable to get it ship to you. Will the discount be cheaper than the dealer? if you shop around and keep the bid low and know when to let it go yes.

    i.e Most 12ga SBE are running while over $1200 before atxes in most store in my area, then go for $1k or less on gunbroker.

    Buying online for a new or used will save you on Taxes, but you will spend on shipping and possible FFL.

    Also since you have a need for a LH model, this item would be less available online but the one benefit are less people bid on them and their prices are normally lower from my experience. Just like what anything, shop around, set a budget and know just how much you will spend.