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Benchmade Mini Grip Axis Lock Question

  1. I have a Mini Grip and it appears that the Axis lock is not closing all the way when open. There's a small gap between the lock itself and the handle. Basically, I can see light through both sides of the lock.

    It's secure when it's open, but the lock is only making contact with about 1/16 inch of the blade where it locks. Is this normal? I'm concerned that it's not moving far enough forward and that a lot of pressure could cause it to release the lock.

    I've given it quite a bit of pressure without issue, but just wanted to check with the brain trust.
  2. I don't have this particular benchmade, but I have availed myself to their customer service before and it is excellent. You can call them up and ask them the question you put to us.

    Mostly likely they will tell you to send it in for them to look at. When I broke the tip of my BM I sent the knife and a check for five dollars to them. Got the knife back with an entirely new blade and pocket clip, all the screws tightened to spec and all surfaces re-greased. Not a bad deal for $5
  3. It's normal, it won't lock all the way to allow for wearing in of the parts but rest assured that it is solidly locked.
  4. I've got one and it locks the same way you described.
  5. OK...cool. I have a full Grip as well and it just seems like the Axis lock contacts more "meat" on the blade.