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Benchmade axis lock

  1. Finally got to see a benchmade axis lock knife. Looks
    like a very nice knife. Will have to put one on my list
    of things to buy. ;a
  2. How is the axis lock different than a liner lock or thicker liner lock like sebenza or strider?

    THin liner locks are scary to me.
  3. I agree with Bill, cheap/thin liner locks are not for me, even if they have the LAWKS safety lever. Thick liner locks and frame locks are my favorite, also the Microtech microbar. I'm giving the axis a try with an AFCK, but not sure about the secure hold of the barrel by springs.

    Okie - which axis knife are you getting?

    Everyone is praising the axis lock (and AFCK), so it's most likely a good choice.
  4. Bill, just do a search in this forum for an explanation of the Axis lock. You'll find more threads than you can wade through.

    And by the way, it's nothing like a liner lock... not even close.